Mandatory Tests For Students To Study In Foreign Countries

Tests Mandatory For Students To Study Abroad

Mandatory Tests For Students To Study In Foreign Countries
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Students in our country always want to study abroad during their career and avail the quality of education served in the foreign countries. For the same sake, they put their best efforts targeting towards the studies needed to qualify all such examinations concerned to help them go abroad and explore the maximum opportunities. The article list out all such examinations needed for the students desirous of availing the quality education in foreign countries.

Mandatory tests for students to appear in foreign countries :- Each year, about three lakh students from India go to various countries to study. With increasing cooperation and openness in the field of education, many countries are preparing to give better opportunities for foreign students abroad. It is compulsory to have some academic qualifications to study in most educational institutions abroad. To meet these qualifications, passing certain standardized tests and language tests is extremely compulsory. Your score in these examinations increases the chance of admission in foreign educational institutions. These tests make it easier for you to get financial support in the form of scholarship and fellowship.


If you want to go abroad for management programs such as MBA, then it is mandatory to pass the GMAT examination.

In the GMAT test, the skill of analytical writing and problem solving skills is judged. At the same time, the qualification of Critical Reasoning Skills is also taken care of because these are extremely important in the field of business and management. The results of the GMAT test are accepted for over 6000 business and management programs worldwide. Out of 2100 educational institutions in 114 countries, admission in the MBA program is based on the score of GMAT. There are 600 approximately test centers around the world to conduct GMAT examinations. The validity of the score of this examination is five years. If you do not enroll in any foreign institution for five years, its validity ends. In India, GMAT examination is conducted in 29 cities. To join this examination, a fee of 16,500 rupees needs to be paid. Candidates can view their official score report online. The management program of both GRE and GMAT exams can be used to enroll. The GMAT examination can be given five times a year without any further issues.


The GRE exam test evaluates the efficiency of quantitative aptitude, oral reasoning, analytical writing skills and critical thinking aptitudes. GRE scores are also used for admission in MBA programs or Specialized Master Degree in Business and Doctoral programs abroad. GRE examination is organized at 1000 centers around the world and thousands of institutions enroll in different programs based on its score. There is a great demand for GRE scores for admissions and jobs in institutions of USA and Canada. The validity of the GRE score is five years. It is mandatory to have a passport to sit for the GRE exam. It requires registration fee of up to Rs 12,000. There is no fixed date for this examination in India. When you want to appear for the examination, contact your nearest GRE center. GRE test can be given five times a year.


If you wish to study in the US or Canada, then it is extremely mandatory for you to pass the SAT examination. The academic skills of the students are assessed in this examination for admission to undergraduate courses. In this, students are judged to read, write and examine the mathematical skills. To get admission in most of the colleges in the US, SAT needs good scores. Each year, 20 million students from 175 countries appear for this test. The validity of the score of SAT is up to five years and about 13 thousand students across the country have appeared in this test. The examination fee is 3000 rupees. This examination is conducted for a limited number of months in between October to December. If you want to take admission in America's top college then it is important to score at least 2100 marks in the set. Students can give this test frequently as many times as they want.


ACT examination is also conducted to take admission in the undergraduate programs in the colleges of US. The academic skills of the students are assessed in this examination for admission to undergraduate courses. These exams evaluate the efficiency of students studying English, Mathematics and Science. No timeframe has been fixed for the validity of the score of this test but according to the experts of the ACT, students should take this exam every five years. This helps in increasing the skills.


It is compulsory to pass the examinations of MCAT and LSAT to study medicals and law abroad. On the basis of these scores, admission in law and medical institutes can be taken. The evaluation of knowledge is evaluated by the multiple choice questions related to medicines in the MCAT examinations. The LSAT examination is organized by the Law School Admission Council for students. In the US, Australia and Canada, it is necessary to pass these examinations to study medical and law.


TOEFL is a standardized test for students to evaluate proficiency in English language. To get admission in foreign institutions, the Non-English language students appears for the examination of TOEFL. The score is also used by the Immigration Department for arranging students' accommodation and visas. 9000 colleges and universities of 130 countries have accepted the score of TOEFL so far and about 2.7 crore people have passed the TOEFL examination.

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