NEET is Highly Competitive Exam and Tough To Crack

Competition for Neet is Growing Every Year

NEET is Highly Competitive Exam and Tough To Crack
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NEET poses a tough challenge to the students. NEET is the basis of admission for all the medical colleges in India except in JIPMER and AIIMS. Students are gearing up to face the NEET examination which is scheduled to take place in May 2018. NEET tests the knowledge of students in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are advised to join good coaching centres like FIITJEE, Akash, Meena Coaching Centre to get success in NEET.

Girls Compete Equally With Boys

The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET as it is shortly called) is picking up momentum Students all over India are thronging to have a go at the tough competitive examination. Hitherto, NEET created a lot of confusion and opposition from certain sectors and especially from states like Tamil Nadu. But the Supreme Court has firmly stated that NEET is here to stay. Hence for the NEET to be held in May 2018, preparations are going on seriously among the student community. Girls are fiercely competing with the boys for the medical college seats in prestigious medical colleges all over India.

Merit Has Replaced Money In Medical College Admissions

Till two years back, medical college seats were given to the students mostly on the money basis. In other words, in states like Tamil Nadu, rich people could get medical seats to their sons and daughters by paying huge money to the college owners.

There was no standardization. Poor and middle-class students could not get medical seats even if they possessed merits because their parents could not afford huge sum for payment. But NEET has changed all these things. Now even poor or middle-class students can get a seat in the medical colleges if they study well and emerge successful in the NEET examination.

Physics Offers Tough Challenge

But having said that, it is still not easy to get good marks in NEET. The question paper is very tough for scoring high marks. The maximum mark is fixed at 720 and for a government college seat, at least 500 marks are required. There are 180 questions, each carrying 4 marks and for wrong answering, there is a negative mark of one. There are 45 questions in Physics, 45 questions in Chemistry and 90 questions in Biology. State Board students find it tough to crack the examination whereas CBSE students find it little easier. Physics is the toughest, Chemistry is easy and Biology is tricky.

Crash Course Will Not Fetch Results in NEET

Students have to take training in reputed coaching centres to be successful. They need to attend two years course in quality coaching centres to get high marks. Or at least they should take one-year training in the coaching centres. Last minute preparation by opting for the crash course in the coaching centre will not pay any dividend to get high marks because these crash courses are designed for one month or two months only and will not serve any purpose. Lack of sufficient time will seal the fate of the students, which is not good.

Choosing A Good Coaching Centre Is Important In NEET

There are some reputed coaching centres offering good training in NEET for the students. FIITJEE is a good institute which teaches seriously and produces good results. Akash coaching centre specialises in medical course training examination. Now Akash has also started Akash Live and Akash Tutor for online teaching. Meena Coaching Centre in Chennai produces cent percent results in both IIT JEE as well as in NEET. It is also number one coaching centre in terms of technology. One hour training in Meena Coaching Centre is equivalent to three hours of training in other coaching centres. However, Meena Coaching Centre has no branches and admits only a small number of students both for personal coaching and online training. There are other coaching centres also in different areas but at the same time, students should be careful in not choosing a bad coaching centre and losing money and valuable time. Prior enquiries should be made before parting with money.

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