100 Unique and Creative College Magazine Names

100 Creative Names and Unique Names for your College Magazine

100 Unique and Creative College Magazine Names
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While students have ideas about starting a college magazine, coming up with a good name for the college magazine can be quite a task. This article provides a meaningful perspective on how to come up with a name for your college magazine along with a list of unique and creative college magazine names.

A college magazine is an important link for faculty and students. Typically, a college magazine consists of news, newsletters and articles. A team of students are responsible for editing and publishing news feeds, and articles. Success stories are published in the college magazine to motivate students from various disciplines. Magazines are published weekly, quarterly or monthly. College magazines are popular with students in college because they offer a detailed perspective on career tips, academic advice and the latest events and happenings related to campus and college.

Ideally, every college should have a college magazine that bridges the gap between students and faculty.

When you scan through the pages of a college magazine you find relevant information about field trips, sporting events, annual fests, college festivals, science fair, inter-college competitions, and literary events. Students get to know everything that is happening on campus through their college magazine. Your college magazine has to be interesting and entertaining in order to connect with readers.

Many college magazines are incorporating a wide genre of topics that include Sports, Entertainment, Sex and Dating and Social Life. Cover-stories have to be written in an engaging format. You can also include interviews of celebrities and former students who have achieved success through dedication and hard-work. College students love to read excerpts that are inspiring and motivating. If you and your team are contemplating on starting a college magazine and are clueless about a good college magazine name, the lines to follow will get you started in the right direction.

How to pick a Unique and Creative Name for Your College Magazine

The first contact point in a magazine with readers is the name. You need to have a unique and creative name for your college magazine. A strong name gives a magazine identity and association. The name for your college magazine should be powerful and evoke an awakening among readers. The aim of the name should be to creatively enlighten minds. Academic disciplines should be taken into consideration if your college is associated with a specific field of study. A great way to come up with ideas for your college magazine is during a brainstorming session. It doesn’t have to be a formal brainstorming session. You can meet up with your team on campus, at the cafeteria, recreational area, playground or at your favorite fast food haunt and talk and discuss ideas about names apt for your college magazine.

What do you want to convey to Students through Your College Magazine

Be receptive to ideas and insights everybody has to offer. Remember, bright minds come up with ideas exceptionally exceptional. Every member in your team will love to come up with quirky, imaginative and creative words from different genres. These words can be rearranged to form a unique identity represented with a catchy name. When you are clear about what you want to convey to students through your college magazine, the task of picking a name for your magazine becomes relatively easy. An understanding of sentiments and the legacy associated with your college helps creatively spark names that represent and convey meaning. Ideally, college magazine names should be in sync with youth-centric ideologies.

The name you pick should be impact-oriented and appeal to youth. Use a mix of words to come up with a name that is reflective, inspiring and motivating. Furthermore, you need to have a sense of pride in the name you pick for your college magazine. Integrity is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration when you come up with a name. A name should present the vision and mission of your college magazine in a clear and concise manner.

What after Short-Listing Names for your College Magazine?

Once you have short-listed names for your college magazine, get opinions from your team members in regard with the most appropriate name. There will be questions, answers and theories among team members about the short-listed names deemed appropriate for your college magazine. Discuss the strengths of every name to arrive at a conclusion about which name represents your college magazine best. Another way to pick a name is by letting the students of the college vote for a name they want for their college magazine. While insightful or impactful names are often short, you can go with a long name if it defines your ideologies clearly. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to selecting college magazine names; however, creating the right identity and association comes with a decisive name.

The lines below showcase a list of diverse names you can use for your college magazine. The names can be used for different disciplines such as Arts, Language and Literature, Theology, History, Philosophy, Human Geography, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, Statistics, Law, Psychology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Space Sciences, Computer Science, Medicine and Health, and Engineering and Technology among others.

100 Unique and Creative College Magazine Names

  1. Cosmo Clan
  2. Campus Drone
  3. Inspired Roots
  4. Mind Escape
  5. Grass Root Level
  6. The Final Edge
  7. Weekender
  8. About Us
  9. Tech Chronicle
  10. Finding You
  11. Giga Chronicles
  12. Like Speak
  13. Mind Speaker
  14. The Updater
  15. About You
  16. Open Horizon
  17. Wordy Arc
  18. Mind Splash
  19. Campus Chronicles
  20. Mindspark
  21. Buzz Herd
  22. Sound Files
  23. Tech Pulse
  24. Youth Digest
  25. New Awakening
  26. Inspire Zone
  27. Chat Empire
  28. Happen Bytes
  29. Word Trip
  30. Mind Alert
  31. Strange Brew
  32. Edu Pack
  33. Pit Stop
  34. Campus Talk
  35. Reflect Tones
  36. Atlantic Turnaround
  37. Bridging Gaps
  38. Mind Crescendo
  39. Gravity
  40. Campus Buzz
  41. Youth Brigade
  42. Thought Central
  43. All For You
  44. Campus Jam
  45. Big Life
  46. College Chronicles
  47. Paper Castles
  48. Mind Brew
  49. Central Bytes
  50. Sonic View
  51. Mind Audit
  52. Buzz Desire
  53. Click Crew
  54. Heart Converse
  55. In Today
  56. Grey Area
  57. Talk Motive
  58. Backpacker Brew
  59. Blu Essence
  60. Mind Ride
  61. Life Cycle
  62. Right Track
  63. Learning Curve
  64. Blend
  65. Life Quest
  66. Open Mind
  67. Summit Diaries
  68. Creative Speak
  69. Bloom Buds
  70. Mind Mirage
  71. Steep Road
  72. Trend Speak
  73. Bright Future
  74. Self Access
  75. Campus Pulse
  76. Practical Talk
  77. Weekender Chronicles
  78. Talk Matter
  79. Dwell Domain
  80. Osmosis
  81. Sun Connect
  82. Climb The Ladder
  83. Skill Under
  84. Pulse Beat
  85. Clear Skies
  86. Open Heart
  87. Bloom Squad
  88. Your Stream
  89. Strange Shadow
  90. Life Absorb
  91. Tech Things
  92. For Keepsakes
  93. The Rat Race
  94. Mind Art
  95. Better Things
  96. Quest Chronicles
  97. Buzz Quest
  98. Upskill Clan
  99. Full Circle
  100. Crossroads

More Unique and Creative College Magazine Names

  • Open Stitch
  • Shadow Cultivate
  • Muse Ponder
  • Simple Living
  • Mind Switch
  • Opine Digest
  • Quest World
  • Talk Trends
  • Over and Under
  • Quad Zone
  • Mind Explore
  • Knowledge Calls
  • Shift Musings
  • Towards Tomorrow
  • Unlocking Minds
  • Flush Chronicles
  • Shoal Dom
  • Cram Digest
  • Lyceum
  • Splash Collision
  • Mentor Vision
  • Extemporaneous
  • Prep Academia
  • Stage Wager
  • Great Escape
  • Tech Titan
  • Thought Quest
  • Zoomspark
  • Dorm Talk
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Eco Magnet
  • Reflections
  • Chat Nation
  • Beat Horizon
  • Edu Tribe
  • Opine Matters
  • Brew Spew
  • Tech Trip
  • Student Chronicle
  • Aspire Trends
  • Horn Please
  • Torchbearer
  • Loudmouth
  • Eco Spin
  • Greet Point
  • In the Bowl
  • Flash Quarter
  • Unzipped
  • Tech Era
  • Oceania
  • Chalkboard Bulletin
  • The Beginning
  • Essence of Science
  • Sense N’ Science
  • Bliss Magic
  • Over Yonder
  • Thinkers N’ Blinkers
  • Light Entity
  • The Bend
  • Mind Marathon
  • Inside Outside
  • Stride Awakening
  • Time is Now
  • Hope Matters
  • Strong Foundation
  • College Matters
  • Aristotle Life
  • Corner Shop
  • Rational Tank
  • No Limits
  • Cosmo Social
  • Streams
  • Episteme
  • Vivid Outlook
  • Hone Zone
  • What’s Cooking
  • Trek Tech
  • Loud Street
  • Practical Solutions
  • Everyday Chronicles
  • Arch Ozone
  • Pendulum
  • Organic Thoughts
  • Finesse Futurist
  • Comp Stomp
  • Social Ride
  • Rook Alert
  • Light My Fire
  • Dorm Room
  • Tech Stalk
  • Lark Storm
  • Buzz Alumni
  • Literati Bytes
  • Click Speak
  • Drizzle
  • Mind Fields
  • Blackboard Bulletin
  • Cyber Trinity
  • Be the Change
  • Vivid Reflections
  • Textocratic
  • College Counts
  • Mind Organic
  • Tech Bots
  • Prime Campus
  • Mind Bend
  • Spiral Mind
  • Trend Crusade
  • Mend View
  • Bright Life

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