The art and science of teaching

Why teaching is both a science and an art

The art and science of teaching
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The same as some other courses or careers would tell you, teaching is what others believe as a science and at the same time an art. Let us explore this in detail.


As a summary of all the definitions of art, Google defines it as the expression and application of human creative skill and imagination. However, most people can only perceive that art goes on visual forms such as paintings, sculptures and dances. Art must go beyond those definition. It is where teaching belongs. Just like those visual forms, teaching has manual and practical skills needed to become creative so students can be moved and gain learning insights from the teacher. On the aspect of the teacher, art can be likewise compared to teaching as it does not end on the contentment of the skill itself.

It’s the same when a sculptor or a painter practices his/her skill for many years for self-improvement so he/she would get more expressive and improving masterpiece. Teaching is also for self-improvement which is the reason why lifelong continuous education is needed. The student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student and/or for a variety of many reasons. To improve one’s art, the artist will need someone or something to teach her/him. Self-teaching is indeed also teaching so the profession is to be placed under the category of art. It may not be considered an art if the teacher is only contented for where he/she is right now. There should be a step-up process to gain and produce an excellent teaching masterpiece.

Further, another reason why teaching is an art is because of communication which could be the best asset in this field. Teachers can communicate their subject matter, their love of learning and transfer it to the student. 


Just like art, getting the reason for something to be explored is to be taken from the definition of the term. Science is the application of human intellectual thinking not through the use of creative skill and imagination but through observation and experimentation which encompasses systematic study and of course, scientific inquiry. Teaching is science because it also focuses on the scientific inquiry of providing a solution to the assessment of student’s learning needs. When a teacher observes a group or a class and decides a goal of how to help them in their cognitive thinking, the systematic science or study follows. What comes next after the teacher’s observation? He/she will be able to search for the problem, create a rudimentary hypothesis and then conducting experiment via assignments, projects or other activities. He/she will then evaluate the results and recommend a solution from his/her study.

Teaching is also science because it relies on theories and principles to come up with an effective delivery of the profession. Astronomers have claims that the universe started through a cosmic egg called the Big bang theory which to some is the basis of their studies on other galaxies and the stars. Biologists also believe that the human life started billions of years ago through the theories of being a single-celled organism which again to some is the basis of their study about life, health and living things. Teaching is also the same. Educators may base their studies through theories or principles which is very important. One example to look at is the division of students according to age groups. A child and an adult or a teen and a child have different levels of thinking and because of the theories of psychology (science), it is then indicated to divide teaching child, teenagers and adults.

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