Top 100 Team Names for Quiz Competitions

100 Best Team Names for Quiz Competitions and Trivia Quizzes

Top 100 Team Names for Quiz Competitions
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While taking part in a quiz competition is easy, coming up with a team name is quite a task. This article provides a detailed perspective on how to come up with team names for quiz along with a list of team names for quiz competitions.

A quiz is a popular format game or mind sport in which individuals or teams attempt to answer a series of questions correctly in different rounds. Quiz completions about different subjects are held at various levels globally to test knowledge of contestants. Points are awarded for correct answers in a quiz. A team or individual with the highest score emerges winner in a quiz. Quiz competitions are excessively popular at school and college levels. In many countries different types of quiz competitions that offer prize money are held.

Aside from national level quiz competitions and international level quiz competitions, a large number local quiz competitions take place in different neighborhoods of cities.  

Different formats are used in quiz competitions. While quiz competitions are popular with all age group, trivia quizzes are exceedingly popular with students and working individuals. A number of quiz competitions may have a qualification process. Quiz competitions popular globally are

  • School Quiz Competitions
  • College Quiz Competitions
  • Student Quiz Competitions
  • Music Quiz Competitions
  • Pub Quiz Competitions
  • Technology Quiz Competitions
  • Academic Quiz Competitions
  • General Knowledge Quiz Competitions
  • History Quiz Competitions
  • Sports Quiz Competitions
  • Corporate Quiz Competitions
  • Trivia Quizzes

While quiz is a game that tests knowledge, in different forms of education a quiz is also used to ascertain knowledge growth, skills and abilities at various parameters. Team quiz competitions have become hugely popular globally. Individuals that are well versed with different subject matter often team up and participate in quiz competitions. When you participate in a quiz competition you need to have a team name. While answering questions is relatively easy for subject matter experts, coming up with a team name can be a daunting task. Depending on the type of quiz competition team names can be quirky, creative, clever, innovative, funny, formal or informal.

A quiz team name is representational identity that conveys ideologies as a team. Team names for quiz competitions need to be catchy while conveying a meaning. Logical names are rather popular at quiz competitions, however, you need to realize there are no rules when it comes to picking or selecting a team names for a quiz competition or trivia quizzes. If you and your partner/s in the team believe an unusual name will work, go right ahead. When you have a gut feeling in regard with an appropriate team name for your group, you have to go with instinct and feel. Unusual team names or funny team names hit the right chords with audiences.

Ideally quiz team names should connect with the subject matter while being creative. Inter-connecting words from different genres is a wise way to ensure team names are innovative and clever. When you mix and match words from different genres the expression in a name gets unique identity conveying a meaningful expression. You can have a brainstorming session over coffee and snacks deciding upon the appropriate quiz team name. Using keywords of relevance helps conceive ideas brilliantly. Furthermore, you know you are headed in the right direction when you have a strong keyword associated with quiz. Once you have few team names, consult with you quiz partners and select an appropriate name for the quiz competition.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of team names for different types of quiz competitions

Top 100 Team Names for Quiz Competitions

  1. Quizzards of Oz
  2. Mind Freak Automatics
  3. Optimism Stands a Chance
  4. Mind Over Splatter
  5. Weak Her Pedias
  6. We Don’t Do Hugs
  7. Temperamental Cannibals
  8. Brain Thug Masquerade
  9. Smart Up,  Smarter Below
  10. Camouflaged Thought Wizards
  11. The Vodka Douchebags
  12. Systematic Drool Brains
  13. Just Back From Speed Dating
  14. Hunky Brains
  15. Trivia Junkies
  16. The Middle Monsters
  17. Bone Thugs and Brainary
  18. The Couch Has a Hole
  19. Brain Witch Brew
  20. Be Her Nation
  21. Harry and the Quizlamics
  22. Potter Brains
  23. Nine Inch Matters
  24. Organized Linguists
  25. Beer Pong Brains
  26. Mind Speak Divas
  27. Wise Crack Mind Hogs
  28. Odd Thought Extremists
  29. Retired Blink Team
  30. Mind Zone Delinquents
  31. Brainaholic Bandits
  32. Thirst Optimists
  33. Mind Spark Gremlins
  34. Clue Pagans
  35. Friends of the Quizmaster
  36. Thought Bazookas
  37. Mind Lab Einsteins  
  38. Yoga Got Us Here
  39. Geek O Pedias
  40. Meth Lab Martyrs
  41. The Quizmaster is An FBI Agent
  42. Think Bots
  43. We Came For Beer
  44. Thought Bots
  45. Trend Erasers  
  46. Bananas Made Us Wise
  47. Daughters of Quizerables
  48. How Did We Get This Far?
  49. We’re Out of Bitcoins
  50. Tech Intellect
  51. Quizzical Karma
  52. Mind Ping Demons
  53. Brain Rant Extremists
  54. Superheroes Have Superpowers because they can’t Answer Questions
  55. The Rehab Reunion
  56. Mind Trust Monarchs  
  57. Eureka Moments
  58. Alien Authority
  59. Sage Matic Illusion
  60. Herpes…With Love
  61. Mind Martians
  62. Thought Soul Poets
  63. Silent Mind Works
  64. Quizee Divas
  65. Nerd Stop
  66. Mind O Pedias
  67. The Whiz Craft
  68. Absolute Brainlogists
  69. We Accept Liquid
  70. Rant O Holics
  71. Donald’s Foe Skin & The Republican Pullbacks
  72. Mind Light Mobsters
  73. Pessimists are Underrated
  74. Thought Evacuate
  75. Mind Tentacles
  76. Crouching Mary, Hidden Hairy
  77. Mind Scribble
  78. The Ever Ready Mind Sparkle
  79. Hyper Active Wizards
  80. We’re Here For Candy!
  81. The Back Benchers
  82. Thought Melodrama
  83. Mind Mantra Chronicles
  84. The Voice Up There
  85. Partners in Chaos
  86. Lit Up There
  87. Shut Up Mind
  88. Underpaid Coders
  89. That Big Thing
  90. Pubs Made Us Smarter
  91. We Missed Prom
  92. Optimists are Overrated
  93. Free Think Crusaders
  94. Spoon Feed Theory
  95. Mechanical Poets
  96. The Mind Fizz
  97. 6 Inch Bliss
  98. Inner Voice Aliens
  99. Mind Seek Drill
  100. Thought Rattle

More Team Names for Quiz Competitions

  • Quizader Mindbend
  • The Uptown Move
  • Dream Catch Invasion
  • Quiz Buckers
  • Clever Bot Benders
  • Mindscape Ego
  • Trick Monsters
  • Dunkin’ Tonic
  • Wooze Mindscape
  • Scooby Dooby Poo
  • Ex Boy Band
  • Tropical Four Play
  • Alien Quiz Quacks
  • The Calm Yetis
  • Razz Newtons
  • Monetary Butchers
  • Hang Out There
  • Celestial Mind Fire
  • Diva College Dropouts
  • The Slush Braniacs
  • Drunk Art Goonies
  • Ancient Grammar Nerds
  • Closet Bots
  • We Need Memory
  • Grey Matter Momentum
  • Their Balls are Deflated
  • Slouch Potatoes
  • Mighty Narcissists 
  • Survivors of Titanic
  • Federal Bureau of Insomniacs 
  • Lunk Complex
  • The Whiz Luna Ticks
  • Road Kill Amnesiacs
  • Better Housebroken than Heartbroken
  • Pub Demons
  • Knights With Guava Juice
  • Epic Snatch
  • Optimists Under Seige
  • The Carefree Think Tanks
  • Soul Triviera
  • Enlightened Our Souls  
  • Single After 12
  • The Shrill Thrill Mechanics
  • Saga Muffin’
  • The French Triviera
  • Edison’s Medicine
  • Tequila Talking Parrots
  • Champions for Wife
  • Them In the Corner
  • We Wasted A Lifeline
  • Slim Chance Quitters
  • Mental Hack
  • Smart Upper Thing
  • Lamebrains To The Rescue
  • Clever Bald Men
  • Mind Sample
  • Poetic Mindrip
  • Mortal Swell Cyborgs
  • Trump Hoofs
  • Zombie Geezer Reunion
  • Fact Hunters
  • Smart Mind Idiots
  • Only The Drunk
  • 664 the Neighbor of the Beast
  • The Fellowship of the Whiz
  • Rehab Is for Quitters
  • Game of Inches, Ask Her
  • Quazi Expectations
  • E=MC Hammer
  • The Floozie Young Guns
  • Smart Sonic Survival
  • Flaming Paranoid Androids
  • Bright Immaculate
  • Wobbly Dead Things
  • Clanger Quacks
  • Mind Floss Zombies
  • Cleverbot Coalition
  • Broke By The Bar
  • Scramble Clan
  • The Aunt Acid Theory
  • Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For?
  • Weed Wisdom
  • Clue Demons
  • Maestro Alcoholism
  • The Hill Prophecies
  • One Wheel Short of a Unicycle
  • Sludge Armageddon
  • The Epic Hazard
  • Blunder Junkies
  • Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Behind
  • Crack Muppets
  • We Couldn’t Think of Anything So We Drew a Hole
  • Lunatics Stop Here
  • We Thought This Was a Moshpit!
  • The Mind Fix
  • Polite Rascals
  • Quizzee Bee Buzz
  • Nine Inch Males
  • Better Broke Than Never
  • Anonymous Kindred Spirits
  • Closet Trumps
  • We Like to Come from Behind
  • Ping Lords
  • Endless Love: The Stevie Wonder/Hellen Keller Tennis Match
  • Crash Test Roomies
  • Death Before Dishonor
  • Savage Big Things
  • Quizlamic State
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Holy Ramrods
  • Mess Quizerables
  • My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This Is a Date
  • The Upper Grenades
  • Mad Axis Theory
  • Wisdom Bend Over
  • Unanswered Question Scientists
  • Last Mind Numb
  • You Know Who Else Doesn't Like Trivia? Communists
  • The Fart Throbs
  • Fizz Fuzzle Wombats
  • Wise Med Meat
  • Back Door Geniuses
  • Teutonic Trivia Titans
  • Universally Challenged
  • Memory Nomads
  • No Men Wisdom
  • Blank Diabolic
  • Mild Mind Mockingbirds
  • Upscale Nitwits

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