How to Choose Your Coaching Centre?

How can one choose a coaching centre?

How to Choose Your Coaching Centre?
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Coaching centres have become very popular these days. A person interested in cracking a competitive exam joins a coaching centre that helps them in doing well. All the students may not be able to develop the skills at home only which are required for these exams, so therefore coaching institute provides the adequate guidance to crack competitive examinations. This article will help you to decide which one is best for you.

Students in India are under great pressure. The school curriculum is overburdening them. School examinations stare at them and give them sleepless nights. Students have to complete their homework, assignments, records, projects and other work assigned before the set deadline. They also have to prepare well for the school examinations, like the weekly tests, monthly tests, term tests, special tests, cycle tests, revision tests, model tests and other tests. In the classroom, the teacher hurries up the teaching in order to complete the syllabus in time.

Naturally many students are unable to grasp and pick up the concepts, and particularly so in core subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. For this, students opt to take coaching from the specialised coaching centres.

Students have to take professional examinations for getting a seat in medical and engineering after they complete their plus two Board examinations. Eighth standard students have to appear in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) conducted by the NCERT. This examination involves first round conducted by the respective State governments, second round conducted by NCERT and a personal interview. If a student is selected, he/she will receive a scholarship of Rs.500 per month till he/she completes his/her college education. It is a prestigious examination, and many parents prompt their sons/daughters to appear for this examination. Medical examinations involve appearing in an entrance test for gaining admission in AIIMS, CBSE-PMT, AFMC, JIPMER, Karnataka Entrance examination, Kerala Entrance examination etc.

Engineering entrance examinations include IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, SRM Entrance, VIT, Amrita entrance test, West Bengal JEE, Orissa JEE and countless other examinations. Whether it is NTSE, medical or engineering entrance examination, all involve attempting multiple choice questions with four choices (Kerala Entrance test has five choices). These questions are of high standard and a student has to take a thorough training from the best coaching centre to perform well in these examinations. Now, the question arises: Which coaching centre is the best for your son/daughter?

You should first choose whether to put your son/daughter for a coaching for the school studies or for professional examination or both. There are specialised coaching centres for school and professional examination. Some coaching centres offer coaching for both. After deciding about the choice of coaching centre, your work now begins to search for such a coaching centre.

My recommendation is that, if you are looking for a coaching centre for school syllabus training, search for a coaching centre that is as near your house as possible so that travel time is minimised. School syllabus is not as tough as syllabus for the professional examinations. Problems are also not usually as tough as the professional examination problems. Therefore, a nearby coaching centre will suit your son/daughter very much. If it is not available to your son/daughter, then go for the centre a little far off.

But when it comes to choosing a coaching centre for preparing for professional examination, you should not base your criteria on proximity of the coaching centre to your house. For preparing my son for NTSE, I sent him to FIITJEE , about 20 km from my residence even though some nearby local coaching centres were also available, because FIITJEE possesses that quality, which is very essential for grooming your son/daughter to face a tough entrance examination.

FIITJEE can train your son/daughter for both school studies and professional examination through their integrated four year course, which starts from the ninth standard onwards and lasts till completion of plus two. FIITJEE faculty is well informed and take care of your son/daughter. Infrastructure in FIITJEE is also nice with canteen facilities. They possess good hostel facilities also. FIITJEE has its centres in almost all important cities in India. Its students regularly taste success in all important entrance examinations in India. But one defect in FIITJEE is that it does not offer any training for medical examinations.

AIMS, TIMES, Brilliant Tutorials offer excellent training for the professional examinations, but to the best of my knowledge, they do not offer training on school syllabus. The postal tuition offered by Brilliant is one of the best for bright students who can study on their own without attending classrooms. Kota city in Rajasthan State offers some of the best coaching centres for the professional examinations and particularly for IIT, AIEEE and BITSAT. Allen Career Institute has its test centres all over India. DEXL in Jaipur is an important coaching centre. Resonance in Kota offers medical and engineering training. Rise Academy in Kota offers integrated course for school and professional examinations. Career Point, Kota is a good training centre offering distance learning programme with quality materials. JRS Tutorials, Varanasi offers good training for medical examination. Aakash Institute, New Delhi is a good coaching centre for IIT-JEE. Meena Coaching Centre, Chennai is a good centre for NTSE, medical and IIT entrance examination.

There are many other coaching centres in different cities of India like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kota, Hyderabad and Chennai. I have listed only a few of them for want of space. Now, you can choose a coaching centre of the type mentioned above, which is nearer to your residence and join your son/daughter for a two years/four years course for thorough preparation. Two years course will begin as soon as your son/daughter has appeared for the X Standard Board examination. Four years course will start as soon as your son/daughter has completed eighth standard.

All the coaching centres above offer quality materials prepared in house for the students. But Meena Coaching Centre does not offer its materials. Instead, it supplies quality text books like Tata McGraw Hills publications for mathematics, physics and chemistry (separate text books) for IIT, Pearson publications for AIEEE, Arihant: Publications for BITSAT etc for its classroom students. All the above coaching centres conduct their classes in the evening after the school time is over. In technology, Meena Coaching Centre scores over all other coaching centres. They conduct classes by using an LCD screen with visual effect, so that students absorb the concepts of science easily.

All the coaching centres above conduct periodic tests and evaluate. Coaching centres conducting coaching through distance learning also conduct online and offline tests periodically. The test is evaluated in online immediately and you know your marks then and there. But offline tests are evaluated much later. Sometimes, the time gap between writing a test and knowing the result is nearly a month. Here Meena Coaching Centre scores over all other coaching centre. Your test paper is corrected and the result announced in 5 seconds in mobile phone. In fact, you have to submit your answers through sms to the coaching centre mobile phone no. 9840795315. For every test, a code is given. Your sms should begin with the code number, followed by a space and then the choices without space – all in lower case. For example, if the code for a test is a1 (you have to type a1 and not A1) and let us say that ten questions are in the question paper with correct answer key as abcdabcdab and if you send a sms like
a1 adcbaaabdb
and press the send button in the mobile phone; you get back your result in 5 seconds. Your marks, your percentage and the correct answer key for the test – all these three things are sent to you instantly. In fact you can try with the above code yourself and test the result. Marks are calculated based on four marks for a correct answer, a negative mark for a wrong answer and no mark for unattempted question (unattempted question should be indicated with the letter x). For the answer sent as above, you should get a mark of ten out of forty and a percentage of 25%. There is no waiting time or anxiety. The same effect you can have by appearing for online tests for many other coaching centres, but you should possess an internet stable connection, you should boot your computer – all these formalities are there. But in case of Meena Coaching Centre, internet connection is not required and a basic mobile phone is enough to get your result.

What is the best way to go about it? For bright students scoring above 95% in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, join Meena Coaching Centre’s test scheme. You will get periodic questions papers through e-mail and you can answer them through your mobile phone and get instant results plus the correct answers. Immediately you have answered the question paper through mobile phone, you get another question paper through e-mail immediately. The number of tests you can take depends on your speed and absorption power. This concept is totally different from tests conducted by other coaching centres where the number of tests is fixed every year.

For students scoring marks between 70% and 95%, my recommendation is to join a good classroom coaching centre, where you can receive training every day in the evenings plus a test scheme from Meena Coaching Centre with its mobile phone technology. For students scoring less than 70% marks, forget about training for professional examination. First concentrate and try to improve on your school ranking. Join a nearby coaching centre to improve your school marks. Professional examinations are not for you. Do not waste time and energy.

What about fees charged by these coaching centres? The fee ranges from Rs.50000 charged by Meena Coaching Centre for a two years course to several lakh by some coaching centres in Kota. If you want residential training, it costs you still more depending on the type of room you want. For distance learning, it is less. For test scheme offered by Meena Coaching Centre through mobile phone and e-mail, the charge is only Rs.10000 per year till last year. I don’t know the latest fees.

You can join in any of the above-mentioned coaching centres, but one thing is clear. You should work hard and try to score as many marks as possible. Simply joining a coaching centre is not enough. Without your efforts, the coaching centre alone cannot decide your destiny.


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