5 Best Romantic Indian Novels to Read

Best Indian Romantic Novels That One Must Read

5 Best Romantic Indian Novels to Read
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Romantic novels are meant to be explorations of love that often celebrate female power and success. From cover to content romantic novels can catch some flak from people.

Romantic novels are a celebration of love that sparks hope in readers, and they also teach some valuable lessons along the way. There is a beautiful magic to the way happiness, love and loyalty are represented in these novels that no other genre depicts quite the same way. Here are some romantic novels you must read at least once.

1.  2 States : The Story Of My Marriage -  It’s written by Chetan Bhagat. It is a romantic, realistic, semi frictional novel. The books comes in a red coloured cover which has not so mesmerizing but meaningful design. It’s easy on language, and has a lucid vocabulary. It is a story of how and why the families fall in love with each other.

The book is satire on the inter-community marriages in Indian social culture. The book features the first person’s point of view. To bring out the irony of inter-community marriage into the foreground, the auger has kindled an affair between  a Punjabi boy and a Tamil Brahmin girl.

2.  14th Feb : A Love Story –  It is written by Veena C. This is a story about a how love can help an individual to fight back with his fear, his depression. And help him overcome everything and stand back again. The story start from childhood day of a studious and very well behaved boy. It is a very simple story of a common man experiences with life ,love and bonding with his roots. The story of the novel is good without a doubt and very well express.

3.  It Started With A Friend Request –  It is written by Sudeep Nagarkar. It is a story of a younger couple, who become friends via messenger and fall in love with each other. The way author describes about the Mumbai city and the love they had between them is simple superb. It is a story about love at first sight and a relationship that quickly develop over the phone . the story about a young working boy and a pampered girl. The narration from different points of view of characters, is also a nice touch.

4.  A Half Baked Love Story –  It is written by Anurag Garg. It is a national bestseller novel . The story revolves around the boy ,who seems like a spoiled brat with the initial descriptions. The story all about his first love , the girl who meant the world to him. It is a beautiful and innocent love story. That story actualy speaks up a topic that is a reality of India . The story has an innocent feeling of love that is often present in teenager lover.

5.  Law Of Averages : A Hilarious Love Story-Filmy Ishtyle – it’s written by Kshitish Padhy. The story is full of thrill, adventure, mishaps and most unexpected  twists and turns. This story is about a average boy ,struggling to make it as a scriptwriter in the comic industry. The plot of the story is defiantly filmy, as the tagline on the cover suggests. The narrative is casual and easily identifiable for new readers as well. Overall it is a decent, romantic,  funny, travel-friendly novel.

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