How to face competition at workplace

How to face competition at workplace?

How to face competition at workplace
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Workplace competition is quite common and one has to take it as a challenge and face it in a positive manner. The following article focuses on how to face competition at workplace.

In any walk of life competition is the spice of everything. If there isn’t any competition, one would not be motivated to work hard. Right from our childhood we have been taught to be competitive. If my best friend gets more marks, parents start comparing and making us feel guilty too and so we start studying hard to get more marks than her. SO you see, every where there is competition. There is always constant pressure to out beat the other person and the sense of competition is in built.

One should understand that competition should always be healthy and it should not sabotage the image of the contender. Take it in a positive manner so it will always push you forward to excel.

Having said that, workplace competition is also quite common and it should not lead to a vendetta. It is up to you how to face the competition and take it as a challenge and try to win over it. Everyone wants to win the race but its part of the game. Some has to win and some has to lose. Likewise in a competition, so whatever side you are in, you have to have confidence and not lose hope.

Let’s point out ways to face it in a positive manner:

  1. Accept the challenge: A sense of competition comes only when you accept the challenges and try to out beat the other person. SO one should not be scared of the challenges and you should accept it openly and with full confidence
  2. Have a healthy competition: As mentioned above, there should always be a healthy competition and it should only be in the professional level and one should not take it to a personal level. As long as it is a healthy competition, a sense of responsibility is evident. If it goes to a personal level, it can turn into enmity which can be dangerous. So there should always be a constant effort from your side that you have to have a healthy competition and nothing personal.
  3. Identify your competitors: There can be lot of competitors in the vicinity, but you have to identify the strong competitor, who you think can give a tough competition to you. This will bring make you more exuberant to face the competition and deal with it.
  4. Maintain a good relationship: Competition doesn’t mean all are your enemies. Even your best of friends can be your competitor and as said earlier it should only be in the professional level and not otherwise, so one should have a good relationship with everyone.
  5. On your toes: You will never win a competition if you have a nonchalant attitude. In order to succeed one has to work hard and when you have to stay ahead in a competition you have to be on your toes always. Hard work definitely pays off.
  6. Learn from your mistakes: There is no bigger critic than yourself. SO if you know you went wrong somewhere accept it and learn from your mistakes.


As long as a competition brings in a sense of responsibility its fun, but if it brings in jealousy, it can turn into a fray. So, face the workplace competition in a positive manner which helps you excel in whatever you do.

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