How to cope with job rejections

Ways to cope with job rejections

How to cope with job rejections
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Sometimes you dont recieve good news. You are constantly being rejected in job interviews and its very difficult to deal with such situations. Below is an article on how to cope with interview rejections

You have been working hard and trying to get the right job for yourself, but constant rejections can bring down your confidence level. But remember, being rejected may or may not be your fault, even highly professional person also gets rejected for some or the other reason. So this is not the end of your life and you don’t have to dwell on being rejected. Just think big and take your rejections positively and think about it another lesson in your life. The reasons for rejections could be many like salary, the right role etc. Though, you might have done your homework and done a lot of research also on the same, but all the hard work you have put, goes into the drain once you get rejected by that company.

However, instead of losing hope, just follow some simple yet effective steps in order to deal with the same:

  1. Think positive: As already said earlier, with every rejection, your confidence level should go high and it shouldn’t get shattered for a silly reason. Always stay positive and say, “I know I deserve something better”. If you react to your rejections negatively, it will just dishevel your career plan. So stay focused and positive, come what may. And also put your full effort for the next best opportunity. As they say “try and try till you succeed”, this is the attitude one should hold and keep trying.
  2. Reason for rejection: After the interview, when you know you have been rejected, try to take the feedback and ask them the reason for rejection. The reasons could be many like salary, designation, attitude etc. These are trivial reasons and one can definitely work on it. If the reason is technical issues, or lack of knowledge on the subject or anything related to the subject, then one has take the feedback seriously and try to work hard on that.
  3. Work on your weakness and focus on your strengths: Once you get the feedback, try to work hard on that. Get your attitude right, work on your body language, your communication and other basic things which set a first impression. Then work on your knowledge on the subject or role you are applying for. SO all in all, try to accept the reality and work on your weaknesses and also focus on your strengths so that your strengths outshines on your weaknesses and next time, they have no reason to reject you.
  4. Start afresh: After you face the ground reality, start your searches afresh. Right from company mapping, to researching about the company and all that is required before you go for an interview and the primary thing of course to work hard on the subject.
  5. Try to upgrade yourself:  Your rejection can actually work as an eye opener for you. So research on the skills which are most prevalent in the market these days and try to upgrade yourself according to your existing skill. Remember the more you learn the more benefit you have and the more opportunities will come your way.
  6. Update your resume: Once you have upgraded yourself, update your resume accordingly and start searching. Also, don’t expect to get instant responses once you update your resume. Have patience and keep brushing on your skills.
  7. Have a backup plan: Always have a backup plans, so you don’t get a shock of your life once you get rejected.

In a nutshell, rejection is not the end of everything. Stay positive and focused and don’t let these small rejections come your way. Take it as a challenge and move on and try to do better every time. Every rejection gives you a chance to make you perfect and eventually you will get the right job.

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