How E-learning Benefits Everyone to Explore the Horizons

Benefits of E-learning

How E-learning Benefits Everyone to Explore the Horizons
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From free online courses to university level resources, the advent of E-learning has brought a new dimension to the concept of education, as well as enabling everyone to acquire desired skills and knowledge.

Nowadays, there are lots of revolutionary developments in the fields of science and technology, and needless to say, the education sector isn't lagging behind to utilize the advances in these fields. On the other hand, numerous developments and ideas have redefined the academic sector. One such trending concepts is E-learning or online learning.

Well, who doesn't want it if they could learn from Web design to self-defense in their free time and without leaving the comfort of home? 

And even sweeter, most of the online courses are almost FREE and even if you are spending on it, the expenditure is much lesser than that of the traditional education.

Moreover, most of the online courses are self paced and you can learn whenever you wish.

However, there are certain drawbacks. You may acquire desired skills and knowledge quickly. But getting certified about the same gets tricky in many situations.

Many times, E-learning cannot be a substitute for your graduate course. However, getting enrolled in some of the reputed online learning programs definitely helps to acquire additional skills, which can be great for any field of work.

Even professionals can devote a part of their free time to (L)earn new skills and stay up-to date in the competition.

Therefore, definitely it's not a waste of time if you wish to enroll in a relevant free online course, just verify it's from a reputed source.

Here are some popular E-learning platforms as well as sources for excellent learning resources;


Top E-learning platforms
(websites and mobile apps offering free courses)

* Unacademy
* Coursera
* Alison Courses
* Codecademy (learn programming)
* LinkedIn learning (mobile app)
* DuoLingo and Memrise (apps to learn a new language)
* Stanford online learning

* NPTEL India (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) - Learn Engineering And Science related skills through lectures of IIT and IISc professors.


2. Online resources and study materials:

* - MIT OpenCourseWare

* -  Textbooks and video lectures developed by NCERT India.

* - The National Digital Library initiative by Indian Ministry of Human Resources Development and coordinated by IIT Kharagpur. The library contains thousands of different learning resources including Books, Video lectures and articles by well-known authors.

Plus a little trick.....: If you want to search high-quality study materials about any subject, just utilize the power of Google search by using queries like this -

    "Topic name" filetype:pdf site:edu.   

And it will return PDF Resources from reputed university sites. Happy learning !

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