Kiddle Lit - A Fun Way To Learn

Kiddie Lit Brings Fun To Your Kids

Kiddle Lit - A Fun Way To Learn
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The following article gives you a brief introduction to the fun of reading and writing kid books.

What do you remember from your favorite kid books?  In other words what lessons did you learn.  To start this article or if you want to think of it, a lecture on children's literature.  My favorite children's books ranged from the picture book 'The Pokey Little Puppy' to chapter books from 'The Little House books' to E.B. White's Charlotte' Web and Stuart Little.  There are a lot more than that, but those I have read several times over the years.  As a sidebar I was able to find more 'Little House' books about Laura's great grandmother, Martha; her grandmother, Charlotte as well as her mother, Caroline.  There is also a series about her daughter, Rose. 

In reading these books I have learnt how to use my imagination as well as some basic history and even geography if you read into the stories.  To get back to what this article is really about children's literature is to teach children the necessary skills for learning from letters and bringing meaning to these letters in words.  Kiddie lit is a way to bring meaning to what is taught at home and at school.  This is also a subject that will increase a child's vocabulary as they progress for simple wordless books to books like the 'Little House' series. 

Some of the reading skills that can be learned from kid's books are as follow:  left to right progression, picture reading, page turning, learning letters, and increasing vocabulary to name a few skills that are learned with kiddle books.  Kiddle lit can also show readers social skills.  To me the true worth of children's literature is that these books allow learning to become meaningful to all to increase creativity, motivation and even achievement.  Children's literature increases creativity by showing readers what imagination can do for you as well as seeing what other characters that are real or imaginary can show us the readers what we can do ourselves when we are ready that leads to achievement in and out of the classroom. 

In reading any kind of kiddie lit one can read all the genres just like in adult reading. There are fantasy books, historical books, contemporary as well as a form of friendship stories.  Children's literature is to me just a fun way to learn how to read even though basals are still a useful tool.  In the next few or more articles I will be sharing some stories from some old basal readers and how these stories can still be of use to teachers and parents.

In a few words, Kiddie lit is just fun to read.


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