Independence of Choosing a Right Career

Should a student be independent to choose a right career?

Independence of Choosing a Right Career
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Beginning a career, which will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction is a boon . It is important for you to know your strengths and weaknesses to achieve success in your chosen career path. If you are independent to choose your own career then you can win the competition without regretting. Your career is your reflection. Therefore, you need to concentrate on yourself and your likes and dislikes.

Your career reflects your proficiency, skills, and helps you to achieve what you want. Therefore, it is important for you to spend quality time with yourself. Your career aspirations will be shaped by  your social interactions with your peer-groups, family members, acquaintances, etc. but only you can justify your life in a better way. Therefore, only you have the right to choose your career independent of what others might think. There are many students who are pursuing professional courses like M.B.A., engineering, etc. but sociologically speaking, most of them do not want to be in the field, which they are pursuing.

 Often, it has been noticed that after class 10th, parents pressurize their children to take up  either Maths or Biology so that, they could get well-paid jobs. Even you must have heard your friends saying that they are not willing to become engineers/doctors.

Gendered perceptions and socio-cultural identities affect choices. Therefore, choices are socially constructed. For example, girls are not allowed to get into science streams whereas boys are hesitant to take up Arts because socialization gives birth to a lot of ascribed stereotypes which further leads to marginalization. Therefore, for a long term career, you must take a stand and make an independent choice because only you know yourself better and you are the best guide for yourself. While choosing a career, introspection is highly recommended because a wrong decision can affect your whole life. Choosing a career is a long term process and you must reflect on your strengths and weaknesses to find out which profession will suit you better.

By making an independent decision regarding your career, you will head towards success because you will be  able to do what you love and you will spend quality time to understand the industry/business/job in a better way. Thus, your productivity will increase. You will be able to maintain work-life balance by taking wise decisions regarding your career and life. Every person who works has a busy day but a person who makes wiser career related choices makes everyday of his/her life happening by managing workload according to his/her busy schedule and also, spends quality time with his/her family.

For long term career satisfaction, you need to understand that decision pertaining to your career is more important because, if the career you choose becomes a burden then, you will be unhappy and miserable. A study stated  that making a wrong career choice could make a person  more violent and aggressive. Most people lose interest in their chosen fields and  consider themselves as 'losers' because they are unable to do what they love. Usually, wrong career choices lead to deteriorating health conditions and might lead to depression, anxiety disorders, etc. among youth. Therefore, you must seek help from your counselor to figure out your strengths. You must tell your family members about the career you want to choose along with its future prospects so that they are able to support you. But, always take your own stand when it comes to making decisions pertaining to your life and career because career is a life-changing event which can help you to prosper.

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