How to Level Up Your Work Life: Essential Podcasts to Boost Your Career

Top Podcasts to Level Up Your Work Life

How to Level Up Your Work Life: Essential Podcasts to Boost Your Career
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Top recommended podcast shows that offer amazing insights for free. Equip yourself with the latest tips and discussions to enhance your productivity, manage your social relationships, boost your career, and ultimately increase your earnings.

Unlike audiobooks, podcast is available for free and you can download the episodes on your mobile phone so you could access them offline whenever you are. If you are looking for actionable tips to level up your career, there are several podcast shows that you have to subscribe. Just go to the built-in app called Podcasts on your mobile phone, and search for the titles below. Alternatively, you can install third party app with some enhanced features. Pocket Casts from ShiftyJelly PTY LTD is a popular choice. With a few taps, the app would automatically trim silent moments.

I've been listening with Pocket Casts for about six days of listening time, and the stats show that I've saved more than 14 hours thanks to this feature alone. They also provide some additional settings to trim the intro and region settings so you could know what podcasts are popular on different countries. However, no matter which podcasts app you choose, you can still find these top recommended podcasts.

The Art of Charm

Hosted by Jordan Harbinger, the Art of Charm provides actionable tips and insights through three different approaches. Every Monday, they deliver Minisode Monday episodes which are short but contain practical ideas you can implement directly into your life. Every Friday, they have FanMail Friday episodes where they answer questions from listeners who have been dealing with problematic issues they need some insights on. You can participate on it too, but beware that they have long queue before your questions would eventually discussed on the show. Their main show is actually the in-depth interviews with a lot of experts. Jordan is a very smart person who always bring the best out of the guests so believe me, you will learn a lot from the Art of Charm.

I Hate My Boss

They surely know how to use a catchy name, so make sure your boss doesn't know you're listening to this. I Hate My Boss is very similar with FanMail Friday from the Art of Charm, but most of the problems would be related to the work place. This show is about how to deal with your boss, your co-workers, how to become a better person at work, or even when to decide to quit from the hateful job. This show is packed with very logical approach, that would be very beneficial to know in order to become the elite professional employee or employer.

Optimal Life Daily

This show provides short episodes similar to audio blogs where they read well-curated blog posts around the topic of productivity, time management, how to deal with your emotions, and even minimalism. They have other related shows called Optimal Health Daily and Optimal Startup Daily which have the similar approaches but covering different topics.

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