Ten things about homebound schooling

Questions about homebound schooling

Ten things about homebound schooling
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Do you want to learn about a different schooling options well here is one

1. What is homebound schooling

Homebound schooling is for grades K-12. Its for children with server disabilities whether it's mental or physical, children that have to miss more than twenty days of school. Also children who can't function in class room settings.

2. How do I get my child in homebound

it depends; sometimes you can request it yourself through the school board, but however most of the time you have to have a medical or mental doctor, say you qualify.

3. What is the difference of homebound and home school

well, in home school your parents teach you and have most control on school work. Homebound however you have a special teacher come to your house. 

4.  How many hours do you do homebound work

Homebound is only three times a week and only last two hours a day. So about six hours a week. Not counting home work, yes home work.

5.  Do you get counted absence when you miss a homebound session

Yes, and its still goes to the school board it's just like missing a day of school.

You can still get in trouble.

6.What happens if you don't follow instructions during home bound school 

You can be terminated and sent back to normal public school. Its very important you respect your teachers, do you work, dress properly, and keep track.

7.  What if I have an unexpected doctor appointment or emergency 

You should call your child's Instructor as soon as possible. You don't want your teacher showing up and no one home now do you? This could get both you and your child in trouble.

8. Can I take my child out of the program

Yes you can. Simply ask you child's teacher. She can give you the information on how to do so. I would recommend you ask your child if they are comfortable with the change. The longer your child is homebound the harder it is to return to school.

9. Can I leave my child alone at home with their teacher

No, just no you need to be there also to watch after you child make sure everything is okay. Also In case there is an emergency. Its very important to be there if your child needs you. You never know what might happen. 

10. Can my child eat and drink during teaching time

yes! Of course your child has to drink of course and there is nothing wrong with a little snack as long as its not a full meal.

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