Top Ten Online Jobs for a Work At Home Mom

Online jobs for home moms

Top Ten Online Jobs for a Work At Home Mom
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Hey there stay at home moms, sitting in the comfort of your home, you can earn money based on skills you consider rusty. Take a look at ten online jobs that can make you a WAHM - work at home mom.

The way the economy is currently rolling every little bit of extra money that comes into the home is welcome. If you have been a working woman before you got married and had your children, you are in possession of a valid skill set that you can bring to the online marketplace.

To be a WAHM or Work At Home Mom, you do not need to give up on the luxury of raising your kids under your direct supervision. You can do a lot of different types of work sitting at home. Here we take a look at the top ten jobs that a WAHM can undertake online.

1. Online Freelance Writer

If you have a flair for words this is the best option available online. It does not matter if you do not consider yourself a professional writer.

To be in this field you just need to have a good command over the English language, and great awareness of current news and trends. You can write for yourself by setting up a blog, or you can write for others via a freelance market place. More on these online job hunting websites later.

2. Online Accountant

You have worked as an accountant before and now you are sitting at home after having a baby. Make use of the old skill set in a new environment – go online. Set up shop as an online accountant. Tap into old acquaintances for job assignments. Hit the online forums where your possible clients may be found and advertise your services.

3. Website Developer – Programming and Content

Should you have an aptitude for website designing you can turn into a web developer. Offer small businesses a chance to get their websites designed by you. Tap into the local market in your town and set up websites for a few shops. The word of mouth publicity will allow you to make a decent living once your reputation is set up. You don’t even have to learn programming, as you can always outsource that to someone on the freelance marketplaces.

4. Customer Care Executive

Most small mom and pop type businesses do not have the resources to hire a dedicated customer care executive to deal with online queries. Offer to handle online customer care for such family run businesses in the local market. This can also work as an add on to the previous job profile where you build websites from scratch for local businesses.

5. Translator

In the global village that we live these days it is imperative to understand what the other person is saying. If you know an additional language or two you can set up shop as an online translator. People can scan the documents they need translated and you can work on them at home. This can also be done as part of a larger firm offering translation services. There are a few such websites online and you can find them by doing a simple Google Search.

6. Administrative Support

Again target small businesses where the entrepreneur is unlikely to have time to handle everything at once as the business begins to grow. You can offer simple services like data entry, email response handling, transcription of business meeting recordings, and a number of similar services to such small business owners.

7.  Virtual Assistant

For some job profiles an executive needs to travel a large number of work days and this can leave them with a number of personal chores pending. Be it posting ads on classified websites, filing income tax returns, writing business letter responses, or conducting marketing research, the virtual assistant’s job can handle this all. You can find jobs of a similar nature on online marketplaces.

8. Affiliate Marketing Executive

You have no special skill, can’t write if your life depended on it and can’t design anything. Does that mean that you can’t work online and make money? Not at all, it just means that you need to piggy back a ride on someone who can do all these things. There are a number of digital and real products that are being sold online by companies that offer an affiliate cut to people who would be willing to promote them. This will have a high learning curve but the resultant sales and money can be well worth the extra effort taken initially.

9. HR Payroll Services

If you have any experience with handling the Payroll of a company you can offer this Human Resource service online to companies who may not have a complete HR department to deal with this issue. You can also handle employee insurance, or investment opportunities along with the payroll. There are a number of other HR related tasks that you can handle online as well.

10. Be an Entrepreneur

Start your own business. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and you may not want to get into this fresh off the bat when you begin working from home. However it is always better to work for your own self rather than another person or company. So this could be an idea to work towards as you better understand the online market and move into this stage.

These are online options that a WAHM may consider. However working from home is not limited to working online. There are a number of other things that you can do sitting at home to make money. These will be discussed in my next article.

May Success Be Yours!

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