Tips in Keeping a Track of Your Child's Schooling Progress

Tips for Keeping track of Child's Schooling Progress

Tips in Keeping a Track of Your Child's Schooling Progress
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Being too busy is not an excuse to keep track on your child’s school activities such as exams, assignments, extracurricular activities and others. If you wanted your child to excel at school, better to have extra-time everyday to check his progress. Sometimes, the smallest thing that left neglected is some of the major causes why children are not performing well at school.

Some of the basic tips listed below will ensure parents that their child gets their needed attentions when it comes to school activities. It also encourages your child to study harder and will never be left out alone in their schooling.

  1. Checking the school bag every day. Many parents are so afraid to look at their child’s school bag. Either they do not care of they are simply busy. For start, parents must teach their child to empty out their school bag every day. It is very important to exercise a daily or weekly cleaning of their school bag. It is because, as a parent, who will be able to check up old handouts and lessons that your kid had done during the previous school days.

    You will also find out some left-over snacks, lunch as well as other mystery items on their school bags. Keeping the school bag neat, clean and tidy gives your child the impression that his school bag is a friend and not a foe.
  2. Assignment notebooks and activity folders. Today’s teachers are requiring their students to have extra notebooks for assignments and noting upcoming school activities. Activity folders are also required by some school to which all tests, assignments, projects, reports are complied. Teach your child to make the best use of these school materials and teach them to always hand-over these to you every day for you to check the progress of your kids.
  3. School daily planner, calendar or diaries. Some schools (especially in the higher elementary level) also issued a school diary for the child’s school activities. This is where your child records all the activities, assignments, projects and upcoming school events. It will be useless if no one actually sees what is written inside.  School kids must be teach at an early stage to use these school material as this will become an important part in their adulthood.
  4. Keep track on your kid’s long-term projects. School kids had the ability of keeping their school projects done a few days before the submission date. This will lead to rushing and poorly constructed projects. Kids will have no time in reviewing and editing school reports thinking that the first shoot will be the best. As a parent, you are expected to teach your kids on how to finish long term projects by showing them how to break up project activities into smaller interim steps. Each step will have its own goals to which are written to their school calendar. By doing this, your kids will not scramble on finishing it in a very short period of time.
  5.  Filing-up those School papers. As a parent to three smart kids, we often get bombarded with different types of school papers coming from our kid’s school. Sometimes our house is full of it in just a week’s school. My wife keeps nagging at it and often times resulted to scolding our kids. After which she decided to place a three storage box labeled as “incoming”, “outgoing” and “scratch papers”. Our kids were taught how to use these boxes and alas, our house is one paperless home. My wife empties each box one a week or so sorting those that can be re-use, preserve for the future and for disposal or re-cycling.

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