Importance of Skill Development Vs High Grades

Skill Development is Preferred Over High Grades These Days

Importance of Skill Development Vs High Grades
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Today the world is skill friendly and preference is given to the most skilled person for a job, not to the most educated person. For skill development, we need a revolutionary change to provide employment to the large population young population of India. We need an Industry friendly skill development approach for solving the problem of unemployment.


As we all know how the world is changing and requirements of the peoples are also changing. Today the importance of education is not limited to few books only, the skill is equally important as well.

6 Reasons Why Skill Development is Necessary Today?

  1. Industries are becoming skill oriented only bookish knowledge is not enough.

  2. Take an example of IT industry, where the requirement is mainly of the highly skilled person who can do the job not the one with a high grade.

  3. Look around you and you can see clearly that the person with skills is earning much more than a highly educated unskilled person.

  4. The skill is most important today because, In India, we can see how the large young population is searching for a job but not getting. The main reason behind unemployment is that most of our youth is unskilled.

  5. In the countries in India, we definitely need the skill development very badly. It is impossible to provide employment to this huge unskilled population.

  6. Today we need an 'Entrepreneurial Revolution' in India. That will be possible only when the youth of this country will become highly skilled.

Now and then we keep listening students are here and there for more vacancies in government, Do you know why is this happening? 

The main reason behind this is the unemployability of the young educated population. This is because of the lack of skills, they can't do any productive work that's why they rely heavily on government jobs.

A highly educated but unskilled person is incapable of doing any productive work for earning.

The only solution to this huge crisis is skill development combined with the industrial revolution. Skill development is necessary and definitely is the need of an hour. 

Govt. of India has recently launched 'National Skill Development Corporation' also known as 'NSDC'.

Indian Govt. has also launched a 'Skill India Mission' initiative and if it becomes successful, it will solve the problem of unemployment. It requires a long-term approach and proper planning. We can learn from Germany in this because they have done it excellently.

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