Career in Engineering vs. Chartered Accountancy � What is the Better Career Option

Chartered Accountancy vs Engineering? Which Profession to Choose

Career in Engineering vs. Chartered Accountancy � What is the Better Career Option
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After passing class 12th, students get confused about what to choose as their career option. There are many options to choose your career these days. One should analyze their skills before opting any stream. Engineering can be chosen by science students whereas chartered accountancy is an interesting field too to opt for your future.

While career in engineering attracts majority of science students, the commerce students are attracted towards the Chartered Accountant course. Both the courses have huge job potentials and help number of graduates to earn their desired job. Foundation to choosing a career option starts right from the school times while choosing science or commerce as the career option. Here is a synopsis of the potential of these streams and how these can change the lives: -

Both the courses have their schedules. A bachelor’s degree in engineering requires minimum four years of money and time for the student to finally become a professional, duration of CA course is not same for all. If one holds a B.Com degree there is no requirement of undergoing the foundation course.

Typically it requires more than 5 years after 12th to become a CA depending upon the student’s qualification in the CPT test.

While engineering courses are in varieties for example mechanical engineering, software engineering, fire engineering, safety engineering, chemical engineering etc. there are number of options for the students to take their career ahead. Also there are number of engineering entrance tests that could help the students get the admission somehow in one of the colleges. The best colleges are no doubt the toughest to get admitted in.

Here goes the duration but any course is undergone for wealth benefits. There are few that take courses for interest. Majority of people eye the money that they could earn after the completion of the course.  A CA course is difficult to clear but there is a guarantee that no CA would sit idle. There are ample job opportunities in almost every area. The same is not true with an engineer however.

An engineer has to face the toughest competition during the selection for the course as well as during the campus placements, job interviews and job selection processes. Though it is easy for an engineer to get admission in engineering college but it depends on the skills of the engineer to get the desired job profile.

The pay scale of a CA is always better than an engineer. Since only a few number of students become CA every year it is almost sure that the students will get the job. It has been observed that CA is hired at better position than engineers for the same positions. For example if a company hires underwriters and has option of an engineer and a CA, majority of times the CA gets a better position as well as better job.

To conclude it may be said that though CA requires longer duration and tougher competition, there are better job prospects. On the other hand if the student is bright and clears the top colleges such as IIT, BITS or NIT, even technical education might lead him to faster career growth than from other engineering colleges.


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