Thinking to Study Abroad? Head to Germany for Quality Education

Germany: The New Education Hub for Indian Students

Thinking to Study Abroad? Head to Germany for Quality Education
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Studying abroad is a new trend prevailing in the Indian society where in many students are heading to foreign lands in the search of quality education. Germany is one of the destination that comes out to be students favorite apart from US and other European countries. Around 1, 45,000 international students are heading towards Germany for meeting their educational needs. Here find out some of the factors that attract students to the land of ideas:

Germany is one country that attracts the attention of Indian students. The land of innovation, known for its groundbreaking ideas varying from automobile to nuclear vision, is attracting student from various countries across the globe including India. In this current trend of studying overseas, US and European countries are emerging as students favourite. The number of students studying abroad is increasing with every passing year. Out of all the countries, Germany is becoming student’s preferred choice when it comes to studying abroad. Quality education along with country’s dual educational system is some of the eminent reasons for the increasing number of students moving to Germany.

There is an estimate that by 2025 international student enrolment will reach over 6 lakhs in Germany.  Let’s see some of the factors attracting students to carry out their higher studies in Germany:

Germany’s Dual Education System

Germany’s dual education system is one of the prime reasons for which students look to the country for further expansion of their knowledge. Here, students not only take bath in the sea of knowledge but also get the chance to practically implement the theories learnt in the school. For instance, students in Germany spend few days of the week in learning math and language. This is well-combined with their time spent in offices and designing products. Thus, Germany provides a blend of vocational and practical training. As per Ralf Hermann, the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (GOVET), the academic knowledge in Germany is well-blended with practical exposure.

Head to Germany for Quality Education

Educational qualifications obtained from Germany are highly valued across the globe. This is one of the prime reasons that make Indian students flock to Germany seeking qualification that will help them earn a good fortune. Beyond the quality of education, education in Germany is highly economical when compared to other countries across the globe. There are also cases when you do not have to pay any tuition fees.

Germany is Home to Eminent Educational Institutions

The next reason on the list is that Germany is the home to eminent educational institutions. There are traditional universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, University of Education, Universities of the Armed Forces and church-maintained colleges and much more. Amongst this variety of options, traditional universities blend research and study. However, university of applied science blend academic knowledge with practical exposure. Out of the two styles of studying, choose the one you like.  The only care you need to give is to make sure that the institute is state-recognised. You can use the DAAD web site to find the best options. The site will facilitate you with the best comparative analysis helping you make the right choice.

Germany is Backed by Well-Facilitated Resources

Germany is backed by well-facilitated resources and highly qualified faculty. Around 300 institutions provide higher education in Germany. There are facilities for around 450 Master’s programmes, 190 doctoral programmes and 90 Bachelor’s programmes. Also, there is a strict control made by German government for maintaining the reputation of German studies.

Final Word

If you are thinking to study in Germany, then a brief knowledge of the language will come to your benefit. Although, the courses provided are in English but proficiency in German Language will make things easier for you. Also, plan well in advance almost a year ago. If you are thinking to move to Germany for postgraduate or doctoral levels, then pre-planning is always advisable giving you time to make right decisions. The eligibility criteria for pursuing studies in Germany are that you must have scored around 50 per cent marks in class twelve. Along with that good scores in the IIT JEE will help you get “direct subject-restricted admission” in the field of technology and natural sciences. 

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