Delhi University Launched Android App for UG Courses

Android app launched by delhi university for UG courses

Delhi University Launched Android App for UG Courses
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CBSE and other educational bodies have declared class 12 Board Exam Result. Delhi University which will be one of the preferred choices for many passed out students has launched an Android App for taking Admission into UG courses. Read more about this app in this article.

Delhi University is one of the most popular Universities in India. Every year thousands and thousands of students all across the country apply for taking admission in colleges falling under Delhi University. For many Indian students getting admission in Delhi University is a matter of pride. Currently 77 colleges come under the umbrella of Delhi University. For Under Graduate courses only 54,000 seats are available in DU this year.

According to some analysts more than 3 Lakh students will apply for taking admission in Delhi University this year. It shows the popularity of DU among new generations.

Students from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, MP and Odisha try to take admission in DU every year. Delhi University is also continuously evolving itself to provide world class facilities to its students. Many new UG courses have been added by DU from this year.  

Keeping tech friendly younger generation in mind Delhi University has launched an Android OS based mobile application. This application from DU will not only help students in collecting information about the admission procedure, will also help in submitting registration form. The newly launched Android app of Delhi University is known as “DU UG Admission”. Using “DU UG Admission” Android app one can know about UG admission process, schedule of cut-off lists, UG courses, directories of different colleges coming under DU and many other information related to Delhi University.  

There are many Android apps which use Internet connection for their services. The most important fact related to “DU UG Admission” app is that students can use this app without Internet. Students can also prepare notes using the newly launched Android app from the Delhi University. Students can send their queries to DU directly from this app. Though you can use “DU UG Admission” app offline but for submitting online registration form you need to use Internet connection.

“DU UG Admission” app is more helpful to those students who are living outside Delhi and want to take admission in the Delhi University. This Android app can be downloaded from the official website of DU. Nowadays Android Smartphones have become common among younger generations. As these Smartphones are cheaper compared to other branded Smartphones, even students coming from financially weaker family background can afford them.

Major educational bodies in India like CBSE and ICSE have declared class 12 board exam result. Registration forms for taking admission into Delhi University is also available now. The newly launched Android App is a boon for thousands of those students who want to take admission in DU this year.

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