Factors That Affect Learning Process

Factors Responsible for Good Learning

Factors That Affect Learning Process
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Learning as the word suggest is to know something. But when we try to learn something we face several difficulties too. While we are able to overcome some there are few which proves very difficult. So, here we will discuss about some factors which affect the learning process and if we take care about all this, our learning will be very easy and fruitful too especially for a student.

Factors That Affect Learning Process

Capacity: Often we see that students learn and within 48 hours they forget. This happens because what they learn is beyond their capacity to memorize. Every time it is not necessary to learn any answer with tough words and concepts. A well organized answer covering all aspects is necessary and not the toughness of it.

Time of learning:  In any activity, time plays a vital role. In the learning process morning time is the best. In the morning, our brain and minds are fresh, hence learning becomes easy and effective.

So students should try to learn in the morning.

Health condition: Regarding Human beings, if we discuss anything, health interferes because health is the main receptor of everything. Poor nutrition affects learning adversely like poor memory, nerve disorder etc. A proper diet with protein, fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins should be taken by the students.

Age: Age plays a vital role. Subject of learning should be related to age. Some subjects children can learn easily but that very subject may be very tough for a litte aged person. So, a student should learn any essay, paragraph, speech, elocution according to his / her age for maximum outcome.

Learning environment: Distraction, bad posture, noise, overcrowded area, poor sanitation provision – all are responsible for poor learning outcome. So, guardians please arrange a comfortable learning condition for your child before expecting supreme outcome from them.

Learning by doing: This is very effective and now a - days in many schools activity based learning is introduced. Repetition and practice is essential for learning. Experiments and application makes learning a permanent experience.

Repetition: Whatever we learn we should repeat that from time to time so that our learning gets permanent in our brain.

So, I think theoretical knowledge and learning should be there but we should encourage practical learning by doing experiment, applying in our day t0  day activities  keeping in mind all the factors mentioned.

Learning something new will be magical and everlasting if we follow the factors of learning.

To achieve a goal is the main motto of a student’s life, here I would like to mention --- “Whatever we see after sleeping is dream and whatever dream we see with open eyes is called goal of life ---- by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam  and here comes the importance of learning.

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