Traditional Education System of India and The Indefinite Career

Present Education System in India and The Need for Structural Overhauling

Traditional Education System of India and The Indefinite Career
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The article focused of the study of education system in India and to understand the larger picture why there is existing gross unemployment and unemploybility even after high number of recognized Universities and Colleges producing lakhs of graduate every year.

What is the purpose of life is in my opinion is the biggest problem to realize when we are kid we don’t know about this; as the universal understanding of us are immature, when we grown up we are taught to follow certain traditional conventional methods to find a purpose of life and most of us due to habitual with conventional thoughts of society we restrict ourselves in achieving those aims which can generally beneficial only for that individual.

Few readers might get confused what I am talking about, here I am talking about the idea of life in our society, the idea of upbringing of youngsters, the idea of education system for the masses soon and so forth.  I would like to start with the education system of our country, we have got high number of recognized colleges and universities majority of them follows conventional method of teaching and examination.  The private universities and institutions are also following more or less the same traditions of education system of teaching and examination but with comparative better infrastructure and management but still the quality of the education is based on certain conventional study here I want to clear that I am not against the conventional form of comprehensive study but I only wish to say that this comprehensive style of study is good for only few profession. For example Teaching and Research in different disciplines.

Education in our country is generally an effort to attain a degree but does it really worth; if we correlate with the outcome of such degrees it is really frustrating. Here the question arises why do we still pursue such courses? There are several reasons first; Culture formed by the government organizations, second; Private sector has also followed the existing culture.

However there are certain exceptions to this, such as placement opportunities in the private institutions offering courses in management, engineering and other courses but this is a very negligible part of the total expectations for decent jobs. Now when I look at the larger part where lakhs of graduates are produced every year, what is there fate in our country the answer of this takes me into the darker part of society where such students are preparing for none, they are only trying to get a degree for the sake of eligibility for a prospective job into govt. and private sector.

The bare fact is that only two percent jobs in the country are from the government sector that to can be attained after lot of preparation but what happens to the Ninety eight percent students the answer is not definite but it is clear most of them does not get decent jobs or they might remain underemployed.

The above debate on the education system shows that despite huge reachibility of our higher education system its correlation with the employment is very low or in other words the outcome after attaining a traditional education the income earned by an individual is not satisfactory.

The government in such a highly populated country like India needs to take such steps where a person must know the purpose of attaining a education, thus here despite of running conventional courses we need to introduce industry linked courses at mass level.

For example if a student is from a family background of a farmer he should be encouraged to learn scientific methods of agriculture with the help of some specific course so that he can use those skills in his existed family business.

Similarly if a student comes from a family of trading business he should be equipped with certain courses which can help him to professionally expand his business. Next mass level program need to be introduced to how they adopt the entrepreneurship as their career.

In recent times we can notice there is gross downfall in the demand for pursuing conventional courses and also the professional courses. The student to achieve a prospective career they engaged themselves in pursuing a conventional course afterwards they are with the aim of getting a government job join some coaching centers. The students who pursue some professional courses also encountered difficulty in getting decent jobs in form of placements. In recent times we have seen mushrooming of private educational institutions in India. Most of these institutions failed to achieve their aim to provide quality education and prospective employment opportunities.

The solution now lies to gradual and overall change in the education system so that the student remains object oriented and apparent what they can achieve after completing a certain course.

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