Qualities that will make you a good employee

Qualities of a Good Employee

Qualities that will make you a good employee
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Just as it's important for an employee to consider various factors in relation to a job, such as, salary and perks or other benefits it’s important for employers to take into consideration such qualities that are to be sought by most employers and based on which the success of a business as well as the professional development of employee.

Positive attitude: Having positive attitude is a basic key to success. The power of your positive thoughts and feelings leads you to self-empowerment through which you can develop or attain your full potential while it enables you to overcome the weak areas of life. It’s by means of positive attitude that you can not only achieve what you want, but you can also help others get what they want. Your positive attitude drives you successfully in all the areas of life including employment. There are several benefits that you can extract from being a positive person at work. Such as, you can get promotion, you can meet your goals or, at the minimum, you can perform your duties being peaceful and happy.

Maintaining positive attitude is such a quality that it develops other qualities or makes them visible, such as, self-control, patience, tolerance, gentleness or making a good self-image in the organization. As a result, you are known as one of the best employees of the organization which you belong to.

Hard work: It must be noted that when it comes to one’s professional success, hard work plays an important role. As the saying goes, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” At the professional front there comes various hurdles in your way, but you need to bounce them back owing to your hard work and consistent efforts. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the quality of being a hard-working person can lead you to success in terms of your duties that you perform as well as your personal objectives.

Honesty: The quality or condition or characteristic of being fair and truthful and morally upright is one of the best ones. It should not be thought as it’s confined to the avoidance of lying and truth telling, but it is about truth living as well. It is worth mentioning, “Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life - all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.” Not only a good employee maintains the quality of being honest at all times, but he can also influence and inspires others to follow. In this way, it is possible that the entire work flow of a business entity may run in a smooth manner.

Self-motivation: A person who is energetic and ambitious and able to make plans to get things done without being directed by others, self-motivated person can lead himself to the success. The people around you may form high opinions about you if you are a self-motivated person. And the quality of being self-motivated person can widen the chances of advanced learning, professional growth and development as well.

Good Communication skills: Effective communication is regarded as one of the most important soft skills of an employee. It is important for an employee to have either developed or to improve effective communication skills. Effective verbal or written communication skills are valuable in the workplace, as they help greatly in improving the overall organizational culture. It must also be noted that not only the effective communication eliminates the barriers to the functioning state of a business, but it also aids greatly in solving various business problems. Good communication skills lead you to gain more experience and exposure by enabling you to clear your doubts and assisting you to develop more job skills.

Punctuality: Being punctual is one of the most important things that an employee can do. It’s essential to success in life. Being consistently late makes one unreliable person. If a person wants to be known as reliable and diligent, he or she should maintain punctuality. There are lots of benefits one can expect from being punctual to the office and work-related activities. One of the extremely important benefits is that one can gain trust from his superiors that could possibly lead him to gain more exposure and professional development by establishing a good reputation about him in the organization. It’s said that waiting has its limits while punctuality has its own rewards.

Politeness: “Politeness is the flower of humanity.” No matter what the situation is, one should not get impolite, because the problems are not turned out so well by being impolite, as they are done by being polite or showing courtesy. Being polite and friendly and approachable can make you a person who is liked by most of all or preferred to all others in the organization.

Self-confidence: Self-confidence is confidence in self and in one’s own abilities. It’s one of the most important psychological contributors to the professional success. Some people, despite the fact that they have acquired adequate educational qualification, they don’t seem to be successful. The reason is that they lack self-confidence or they don’t pay attention to have acquired it. It must be noted that the employees who have self-confidence are preferred to those who lack it. It’s often considered as one of the most important assets of an employee. One of the best ways of improving your self-confidence is to appreciate the positive areas of your personality, such as, education, skills, experience etc. and to overcome the weak areas, so that you may boost your self-confidence. Personal SWOT analysis is a valuable tool to assist you in developing your self-confidence.

Ambitious: There is nothing wrong with having high hopes or ambitions in life. A person with a strong desire to have or do something can do it providing he has willingness to strive for it. It may be accepted as true that an employee who has a strong desire to make his career better, can help greatly to the company as well. In this day and age, bringing new ideas and innovations is one of the top priorities of most of the organizations. And that could be possible, if the ambitious employees are brought to the limelight. So, being assertive, ambitious and striving to be better could make you a better employee as well.

Team Leader: Effective team work is one of the most important aspects of a business in today’s world. In order that the functioning state of a business may be maintained smoothly, there may not be all but many organizations arrange training and development programs. The purpose behind conducting management training programs signifies the application of human energy in leadership positions. If you work with a group successfully and you have the ability to inspire, motivate and guide others, you may be promoted to higher position where you need to develop your leadership skills in a better way. Leadership is the ability to guide, direct and influence your subordinates. It thus the ability to work in group well will lead you to manage your team effectively.

Being Modest: Having or showing a moderate or humble level of merits is one of the best qualities of a person. You will find the people who try to impress others by behaving in a way that attracts others. Displaying something in a way that enhances it is not at all a good thing to do. Modesty is an attitude of decency; it’s not about being too proud of one’s own abilities. One should maintain conformity to the standards of politeness, respect, decency or morality that's conventionally accepted by the society. As regards organization, there is no need to blow one’s own trumpet, the results that an employee produces based on certain standards is a great cause to bring a conclusive evidence of his success. This saying is befitting in this context, “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

Adaptable: Being able to adjust easily to a new environment or different conditions is one of the important qualities of an employee that could be of great help to learn and develop new skills. It must be noted that adaptability is one of the most sought-after job skills in today’s world. Employees who demonstrate adaptability and flexibility are able to survive at work and perform better than those who lack this quality.

Avoiding Gossips at work: Non-work related talk, spreading rumors, telling tales or backbiting others are always damaging to organization creating various problems. So, it is better to stay away from such activities and keep oneself engaged in doing work honestly. An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information is not appropriate. One should not concern himself with things about which he has no knowledge. It's important that you maintain an honest image by working honestly and diligently regardless of situations. Since you are paid for producing desired results, it is expected that you do so. You should not concern yourself with things you cannot control. It is worth mentioning, “Do not concern yourself with things that don’t concern you. If it’s not your business, don’t make it your burden.”

Result-oriented: There may be times when employees seem to be very busy but in terms of their performance and the outcome, they are in contrast to what has been expected of from them. It differentiates between the aspects, such as being engaged and producing results- which means, being busy should not necessarily be indicating that the results are being produced. It’s therefore important to produce the results that are expected from you. It should not be put out of our mind that we are paid for work and making the expected results accurately.

Whether you are an employee or a person who’s in search for a job or a fresh graduate who wants to start the career, knowing the aforementioned qualities of good employees is of great help and assistance for you, as it not only leads you to your desired success, but it also helps you greatly in making your name among the good employees of the organization. It must be noted that the employees who have possessed the aforementioned qualities, are not just regarded as good employees, but the assets to the organization that they belong to creating value for it.


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