What makes you more employable?

How to be more employable?

What makes you more employable?
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Becoming more employable is one of the most valuable things to do these days. It not only leads one to greater employability, but it also provides opportunities to gain valuable new skills. Employability can be defined as a set of essential abilities that involve in developing knowledge and expertise and the mindset which are necessary to work in a desired way. Employability is nothing but your knowledge, skills and personal attributes that are important for you to work in a business organization satisfactorily.

The employability of a person is to be considered as a passport to the world of work. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a person who wants to land in a dream job, it’s necessary to enhance your employability skills in order that you may find your dream job and survive in the working environment successfully

It must be noted that one cannot just rely on one’s degree alone considering that it would open the doors for employment. Of course, the degree or a required educational qualification is necessary to unlock the doors of employment or it may be said that the degree can make you an eligible candidate for applying a job you desire. But, regardless of levels within a business environment, in order to survive successfully one needs to enhance one’s employability. Your knowledge, skills, desirable personal attributes and achievements are your valuable assets to create your value in the job market. Hence, enhancing employability skills is very much important in today’s business world, as it enables you to improve the set of skills helping you greatly in the attainment of your personal goals.

Below are mentioned some of the skills that can help greatly to make you more employable.

  • Intelligence and enthusiasm
  • Willingness to learn new things and to work more efficiently
  • Making commitments
  • Effective communication skills
  • Cooperation
  • Self-management
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-organized
  • Team work
  • Problem solving ability
  • Application of Information Technology

The importance of improving employability skills emerges from the fact that based on these skills, an individual can not only be fixed for different jobs or sector, but he can also be regarded as a suitable person for more advanced job assignments. In addition, organizations need to learn and develop themselves in order to sustain success in terms of processes, performance, earnings and market share bringing changes for the better. Apart from that, creativity and innovation have become one of the top priorities in today’s competitive business environment. In order that these objectives may be attained to the desired level, there is always a need for such people who are qualified and have desirable personal qualities. Thus, in addition to supplementing studies with experience, improving employability can make you more attractive enabling you stand out from the crowd by giving you a distinct edge.




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