Improving communication between management and employees

How to improve communication between management and employees

Improving communication between management and employees
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Communication plays an important role in every aspect of life. There are many ways by which we can improve workplace communication in your business. The following article discusses some of them.


Do you know the one major difference between a successful and an average organization? It is the communication between management and employees. Communication is the difference between successful and unsuccessful organization. Effective communication is the key to success in the business. It is found that the organization where poor communication is found between management and employees there you will also find poor communication between customer and organization. Conflict often arises from lack of communication; hence good communication between management and employees is essential.

It is not enough to write on your website, newsletters and memos that "Feel free to contact or feel free to communicate with upper management," you have to create an environment where everyone really feel free to share any kind of information with upper management. Here are some tips for you to improve communication between management and employees-


Communication is a two Way Street so do not confuse communication with one way talking. Create an environment where two way communication is appreciated and welcomed.

2. Create an environment where open communication is considered an effective communication. Try to communicate with your employees openly because opencommunication motivates everyone to take part in communication.

3. Listening is the secret to effective communication. If you want to improve your communication with employees, then you have to develop a good listening skill.

4. Welcome criticism not only constructive criticism, but also every kind of criticism otherwise communication between management and employees cannot be completed.

5. Encourage and motivate employees to communicate frequently and openly because effective communication is found on an effective environment where good communication is appreciated by the management.

6. Do daily and weekly formal and informal meetings with your employees because these meetings encourage an environment where communication between management and employees is improved. These regular staff meetings not only improve communication between management and employees, but also bring some new and fresh ideas from both employees and management.

7. Distance is the major factor that creates a barrier in effective communication, but today you can use new tools like Skype and cell phones for face-to-face communication.

8. Give promotion to the people who communicate clearly and effectively to management.

In nutshell, I would say that management should consider and discover the factors that really motivate employees to communicate effectively because every employee is motivated by something different. Always remember that keeping communication lines open is the key to success in every organization.

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