IBPS Bank Exam Tips- 40 Best Compiled Tips to Pass IBPS Bank Exam 2012.

Best exam tips to pass IBPS bank exam 2012

IBPS Bank Exam Tips- 40 Best Compiled Tips to Pass IBPS Bank Exam 2012.
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This article discusses the best 40 tips that can really prove to be useful in clearing IBPS bank exam 2012.

IBPS Bank Exam Tips- 40 Best Compiled Tips to Pass IBPS Bank Exam.

Here is the 40 Best Compiled Tips to Pass IBPS Bank Exam. Tips and techniques to pass the IBPS Bank Exam.

1. Know the exam time well and manage the exam time properly

2. Attend all the sections of the IBPS bank exam

3. Prepare a time plan for each section of the exam paper.

4. Prepare daily


Revise already prepare questions daily

6. Write mock tests

7. Collect last 5 year question papers and solve them

8. Write mock tests for each section keeping in mind the time factor.

9. Know your strengths. Know what sections you are good at.

10. Concentrate more on your weaker sections.

11. Know the basic quantitative aptitude questions and concepts well.

12. Increase your accuracy in QA section by practicing more questions regularly

13. Learn the short cut tips to solve the QA questions faster

14. Know the basic reasoning questions and concepts well.

15. Prepare daily news from newspapers and magazines.

16. Study the previous budget well.

17. Study banking related terms for GK paper.

18. Have a basic idea about computer related questions. Remember that there will be 50 questions from computer alone.

19. Know the Basic English grammar properly.

20. Write the exam tension free

21. Prioritize each section in your mind in the order you are going to attend them.

22. Reach the exam hall at least half an hour before the specified time.

23. Have call letter and the necessary documents ready with you for the exam.

24. Bring pen, pencil and other necessary materials for the exam.

25. Know that no one can score too high marks by attempting all the questions correctly.

26. Do not spend more time on questions you have doubts on.

27. Mark only the questions you are sure off. Do not try your luck as the negative marks will make you lose your hard earned marks.

28. Do not cheat in the exam.

29. Speed matters.try solving the questions in the fastest way.

30. Do not get distracted with other incidents in the exam hall

31. Read online websites to get more updates on banking news

32. Sleep well the day before the exam.

33. Have a normal diet (breakfast) before the exam.

34. Do not get confused with the filling the answer sheet details. If you have any doubts keep asking the invigilators.

35. Double check if the data you have entered is correct or not.

36. Use the rough work space provided in the answer sheet.

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39. Comment below more tips from your experience. I will edit this post adding your points too with your name for good points.

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