4 Tips to Crack Interview and Get a Job

Tips to Crack Interview and Get a Job

4 Tips to Crack Interview and Get a Job
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Most of the candidates who could not clear an interview are disappointed and feel depressed. Just follow these 4 practical tips and you will do very well in your next interview.

Job seeker’s primary goal is to win an interview and get placement. Selection process could be based on many factors like work experience, academic projects, potential skills that benefit a company etc.  With technology advancement, there’s immense growth in start-up that has explored plethora of jobs.  So, here’s a question, what would you do, if you have not been selected? 

1. Say to yourself “Never mind, I will stay self-motivated."

Self-motivation is the biggest strength that energizes you to revitalize your preparation for another new job.

2. Critically analyse your Resume

Resume is a see-through document that reflects you as a prospective candidate for a job. Check it thoroughly to make your resume to improve the chances of winning a job.

3. Boost your communication skills

Your potential is apparently demonstrated in an interview.

Your selection of words, sentences and your demeanour makes a clear impact.  Read widely about cognitive approach and communication skills.

4. Think smart

Interview panel expects you to give proper response that’s clearly relevant. So, list out few questions and practice answering.  Remember, your answer can put you in or out of a job search process.


Never get disappointed, but advance your preparation for job success. The secret of job interview is – Prepare, prepare, prepare.

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When you are going to appear for an interview its important to be preapere. When i gave my first interview i was fully frustrated and it was a very bad interview.


Yes it is so easy to get discouraged when you fail interview after interview but in some cases, it is truly hard to get your foot in the door when you are very shy and not good at tooting your own horn during interviews. I am not a big fan of the interviewing process because often times very good candidates are turned down only because they are not good at sweet talking or sounding professional but in fact, if they got the chance to show off their actual ability and work ethics they would end up at the top of the candidate list.


I agree especially with the first point. Self motivation is critical not only in job search but in everything one does in life. Awesome article.


I completely agree with these statements. it is very importent if you do not get the desired job to focus and try to find where is the fault in your presentation in front of the interviewer.


Age is one of the most important factors. Many applicants meet the qualifications -- skills, experience, performance at interview but still fail due to their being older than a company expects.


That is what I am doing now.