How to Prepare Physics for class 12 CBSE Board Exam?

How to Prepare for Physics Board Exam of Class 12th

How to Prepare Physics for class 12 CBSE Board Exam?
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This article will give you some important tips to prepare Physics for Class 12 Board Exam.

The countdown of the class 12 CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Board examination has begun. Only few months are left for the beginning of board exam. CBSE has announced the schedule of the board exam. The class 12 Board Exam is scheduled to start from 1 March. Though students tend to relax a bit by thinking that there is a lot of time for the preparation of the exam but the reality is different. From the last week of January practical exam of different subjects begin and students fail to concentrate fully on their board exam.

That’s why regular study is vital for achieving success in the board exam.

Science is one of the toughest subjects. Science students need to start their preparation much earlier. Though Biology and Chemistry can be handled easily with a little bit of effort but Physics requires a regular practice. Physics is known to create havoc among students who are weaker in Mathematics. Physics question paper has always surprised students with its uniqueness. If a student wants to secure good marks in Physics then he needs to study this subject carefully, deeply and regularly. Regular practice is the only key to succeed in the Physics.

Those students who want to obtain more than 90 marks in Physics they should thoroughly read the NCERT books of Physics and practice all questions and problems given in the example and exercise thoroughly. While weaker and moderate students should first of all concentrate on important chapters that carries higher marks.

  1. Those students who are weaker in Mathematics should try to read Modern Physics initially. Semi-conductor is one of the most important chapters and it carries 8 marks. Atom and Nuclei together constitute 6 marks. Dual Nature of Radiation carries 4 marks. Communication system constitutes 3 marks. Having command over these chapters help students in a great deal in obtaining higher marks in Physics. After having command over these chapters, I can assure that nobody can at least fail in Physics.
  2. Students should then concentrate on Optics which carries 14 marks in the board exam. First of all one should complete Ray optics which is easier to study. In Wave Optics one should concentrate more on problems of Interference, Diffraction and Young’s double slit experiment.
  3. Current and Electricity is also an easier chapter and it carries 7 marks
  4. If one has not studied Electrostatics and Magnetism till date then it is better to leave these chapters because these two units consume more times than other. These chapters are very important for competitive exams.
  5. EMI and ac is another unit that one needs to focus on. It is an important unit both for the board exam and competitive exams.
  6. Practice the ray and other important diagrams carefully
  7. Try to solve objective problems to make yourself efficient in solving 1 mark question
  8. Avoid stress of any kind and study Physics regularly. You would surely succeed.

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