How to Prepare for JEE Main Exam?

Tips to prepare JEE main exam

How to Prepare for JEE Main Exam?
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Good marks in JEE Main can secure your place in the prestigious Engineering colleges of India and it will also make you eligible to appear in JEE Advanced. Read this article to know how to prepare for JEE Main.

The countdown of the JEE Main Exam has begun. After a lot of controversy, the final pattern of the single entrance examination for admission into various engineering colleges, IITs and other undergraduate courses has been decided. Students should now focus only on their preparation. Government has taken this step to relieve students from unwanted stress and pressure. But this has created even more anxiety in the minds of students. At the moment, nobody is certain about what kind of questions will be asked in the JEE Main Exam ? What will be the final structure of the aptitude test in Paper 2 ? How many marks are required to sit in the Advanced test ?

If above questions are germinating in your mind, then try to erase them from your mind.

Unwanted stress has never done goods for anybody. Feel confident about your preparation. Let us see some important measures to prepare for JEE Main Exam.

  1. Do not neglect class 12 board exam. Because 40 % of your marks obtained in the board exam will be integrated with 60 % of marks obtained in the JEE Main exam, to prepare final result
  2. NCERT books should be thoroughly read. JEE Main exam will be conducted by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), so most of the questions of the JEE Main exam are expected to come from NCERT books. If not, they would be indirectly based on the different topics of NCERT. Therefore, each topic of NCERT should be revised properly.
  3. Chemistry is a scoring subject. Questions from this subject would be straight forward. So prepare this subject very well. You can get more marks in Chemistry by spending a very less time on this subject.
  4. Try to solve objective problems more and more. It will increase your accuracy and efficiency.
  5. Mathematics and Physics, both require some regular practice. Go through your syllabus and solve different relevant problems from these two subjects regularly.
  6. In Physics, chapters like Electrostatics, EMI & AC, Magnetism, Semi-conductor, Optics, Gravitation etc. are important. Many questions are asked from these chapters. Revise them carefully.

Good marks in JEE Main Exam will make you eligible to sit in the Advanced test. So, prepare well for this exam. Try to utilise remaining months for your preparation. Do not leave it for too late. Try to finish your syllabus till January. And after that, revise all the learned lessons thoroughly. Try to give your best performance in this exam.

Best of Luck for JEE Main Exam

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