How to Prepare for Class 10 CBSE Board Exam?

How can a student prepare for class 10th board exams?

How to Prepare for Class 10 CBSE Board Exam?
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Getting good marks in class 10 is very important if you want to take admission in top schools in class 11 after passing board exam. Read this article to know how to prepare for class 10 CBSE board exam.

Though CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has introduced grading system in Class 10 Board exam but still students should not take the board exam very lightly. The obtained grades in the board exam play a very vital role while taking admission in various schools and colleges for Class 11. The result of class 10 board exam also plays a very important role in getting admission in a school or college with preferred stream (Science stream, Commerce stream etc.). If you want to study with Science stream or Commerce stream in higher classes then you need to get better results in class 10 board exam. Let us see how to prepare for the class 10 board exam in a more systematic order.

  1. Prepare an ideal routine and try to follow it strictly. It is easier to prepare a routine but the most difficult part is to follow it.

    So try to make a realistic routine and study according to it. Subjects in which you are weaker should be preferred more and extra time should be given on them. But try to read each and every subject daily because by doing this you remain in touch with every subject.
  2. Mathematics is a scoring subject and that’s why regular practice is required in this subject. Marks obtained in Mathematics are very much important while taking admission in new schools for class 11.
  3. Science is another very important subject. Students should read this subject daily. Physics and Chemistry require some practice work while in Biology you need to memorize more. Give equal times on each of these subjects.
  4. In Social Science History used to tease many students. Lots of memorising stuffs is required in it. So do not leave it for too late. It is better to read history by making notes. Reading History through NCERT books can be a lot tougher ask. In Geography and History you should also give special emphasis on studying maps. Political Science, Geography and Economics can be prepared well if you study them through notes. Try to prepare those chapters early which looks carries more marks.
  5. English, Hindi and Sanskrit should be prepared well by solving more and more sample paper. You need to have command over grammar of these subjects to excel in these subjects.
  6. On every holiday try to solve sample paper of a particular subject. It will help you in solving question within the required time limit. It would also enhance your question solving speed.
  7. Avoid studying till late night. Instead try to wake up in early morning to study.
  8. Avoid stress of any kind and feel free while studying
  9. Take food and water regularly and have a nice sleep of about 8 hours daily. It will keep your mind fresh and ready for studying in proper manner. 

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