Replacing Mass Education With Training

To replace mass education with training

Replacing Mass Education With Training
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Government and public should together start giving skill development and training for young students to make all round improvement required for the society. This will reduce lots of educational problems we are facing today. This article focuses the importance of training.

Education system of today.

Education has become a business, rather than transfer of knowledge. The society will not require all the people to have highest qualification. The present trend, especially in developing countries, is that the students are channelized to read and read till the highest qualification and then search for job. The diagram shows this concept pictorially. This concept is totally wrong. According to me, the society requires the skill to knowledge ratios as follows:

For every 1000 skilled workers: 200 graduates: 20 post graduates: 1 PhD person. If this ratio is not maintained, then there will be lots of trouble that all of us will have to face.

Actually, already we are seeing the beginning of such problems.

The following example will illustrate the concept.

A domestic tap is leaking and is to be replaced.


  • A normal skilled worker will come after about an hour after the phone call
  • He will replace the tap in about 10 minutes.
  •  Replacing charges will be very nominal.


  • An engineer will come after several hours after the phone call or next day.
  • He will replace the tap in about 30 minutes as he will try to educate the customer about different kinds of taps and so on, because he is having too much of knowledge.
  •  Replacing charges will be very high.

But in many such situations, we will not require so much of knowledge and we will not be benefitted in any way, for having spent extra amount and wasting extra time.

But why the scenario -2 is more likely these days? It is because almost all the students are trying to get the highest qualification before thinking of job. So, the solution is to replace mass education with training.

Training compared with mass education:

Training process should start at school level. The teacher should identify the skill and talents of every student and train him or her to go in that direction. Training cost will be very less compared to acquiring higher qualification. Also, training will start after 10th grade and the person will get the job at younger age. The training institutions can easily and quickly make lots of money, without the problem of students getting failed. Only those students who are having strong desire and dedication for gaining knowledge should be motivated to get higher qualifications. This should be done carefully with the mutual understanding and co- operation of Government and private institutions to suite the actual requirement of the society. Then only, the present foolish competition will reduce and society will see all round development.

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I think the problem really stems from the fact that children are really only taught what is required by the system and no more. That is, they are only given enough information during their education to be able to make their contribution to society and no more than that. They don't get a real full-on proper education and, as you pointed, even this has declined to the point where we're now in a society where needed modern skills are lacking. With new ways of doing business and the advent of modern technologies, proper training rather than formal education is absolutely essential.


The biggest problem is parents who think children can learn everything they need to from school and neglect their kids at home. School is a place where kids should go to refine and practice what they learned from their parents at home. We can't blame the system for being lazy and not doing our job to raise our kids. Having said that most schools are not that good.


Our education system has to be repaired like this. The teachers can able to identify the developing skills of each student.


Thank you for the comment. your view is very good.


In ancient times skill was passed from father to sons within the family. A blacksmith's son would start learning the art and craft of making horse shoe when he was able to lift a sled hammer. However with the advent of modern education, skill development has taken back seat and stress is on book knowledge only. While academics and computer knowledge are essential in the present knowledge driven world for upward mobilty, there is need for skill development in the ratio of 1000:200:20:1 or any other convenient proportion based on demand and supply. .We would need skilled barbers, tailors, masons, truck drivers as much as we would require doctors.


The ratio of skill and so on may vary from time to time and from country to country. But on an average, it is as mentioned in my post. Thank you for your valuable comment.