List of Courses after 10th for Arts Students

List of Courses after 10th for Arts Students

List of Courses after 10th for Arts Students
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Studying Arts can make you earn more. Arts is a stream for innovators and thinkers. Arts give any invention a shape because all great discoveries were once a thought.

First of all keep that in mind that arts is not a weak stream. There are many options after completing school with arts as a subject. The ones who are really interested in arts can be more successful and rich compared to other streams. Let’s now get to the courses that can be done after completing school with arts.

Bachelor of Arts (GRADUATION)

We also call it B.A. This can be also known as Graduation. It is course in various subjects for example History, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology etc.

This course gives us a degree about a particular subjects of Arts mentioned above. By completing B.A. we can move forward to M.A. i.e. Master of Arts and become teacher in schools and professors in colleges. Further we can obtain Doctorate in any subject by pursuing B.A.   

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

An interest in acting, dancing, photography, singing, painting etc. can land you in entertainment business. Fine arts are a great source of earning nowadays. BFA offers you training under a great faculty who are members of entertainment business or are professionals in this field.

Bachelors of Physical Education (BPED)

Many of the students are interested in sports rather than studies. BPED can make the dream of becoming a sports person come true. Plus interested ones can also become a BPED teacher or professor in sports universities.


Law a great and prestigious field is mostly preferred by those who want to become lawyers and judges. But today world is not confined to lawyers and judges. There can be law company consultant and other law related jobs. By studying law this dream will come true.

Journalism and Mass Communication

A highly paid job can be taken by you if you are interested in writing or you want to be a TV reporter or a Cameraman. Knowledge in Journalism and Mass Communication can also make you an entrepreneur in Journalism field.

Corporate and Business Management

In our current global world management is becoming a necessity for working of cooperation. Thus by studying management one can also show of his skills of control regulation and supervision. If a person is innovative and skilful in organizing team he can make an excellent band of productive workers.

Hotel Management

If you are delighted in cooking and hotelier then, studying hotel management can land you in jobs among various hotels in the world. All you required is a skill and a degree from an institute.

Animation and Graphic Designing

Many of us want to create story in moving form i.e. animation. They can learn certain software in creating cartoons and anime. Thus helping us to create our imagination and present to the world. Graphic Designing is also a nice course which you can be paid for designing a cover page of a book or a vinyl of a school bus. Also design in certain fields you can imagine.

Fashion Designing

If there are students interested in making textile or designing clothes and belief they can start their own fashion line can also go for fashion designing course. Creating something that people love to wear can make you happy and also earn good bucks.

Event Management

Today’s world is full of events be it a birthday party or a business meeting and many other functions in people’s life. A good event manager can help people to create a good event in less budget or huge budget. Doing event management course will help you create and organize event for which companies can hire you.

BA in Geography

A course in geography can make you able to apply jobs of Cartographers, Researchers, GIS specialist, urban planner or environmentalist.

BA in History

By studying History one can become archaeologists, museum curator etc.

Tourism and Travels

If interested in visiting places and going new places. This course will help your dream of becoming traveller come true. This can also be helpful in getting good jobs in tourist destination and as a tourist guide and tourist agent.

Last but not the least a student of arts can also become a politician or a government official by competing in the exam of that particular post. Now you can easily plan your career with the best knowledge and interest guiding you. It would be more beneficial if you discuss your course with your parents or guardian. Remember you are a special person and by working hard on your chosen course will make you climb the ladder of success. Also remember to “trust yourself” this is the key to success.

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