What to do after graduation?

What are you going to be after college?

What to do after graduation?
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There is an imminent existential crisis in every students life right after college. College life keeps you indulged and protected in school work and extra curricular activities. You seldom get a whiff of what goes on out in the real world. But as soon as you wear that graduation cap, reality sinks into your head and you start wondering what you really want to be in life.

It is confusing sometimes to single out yourself as someone or something. Maybe you want to be an actor, but you also want to pursue physics. You love gardening but you don't have access to a garden. It is very frustrating to juggle about with ideas in your head an not land straight onto one specific domain where you love being and you also happen to be good at. That is what people call self awareness. It is when a human being accepts his life as it is and identifies his own strengths and weaknesses and then banks in on them in a way or another.

Self awareness is something freshly graduated students can learn a lot from. Everyone is not meant for the 9 to 5 routine, but maybe they enjoy working all day on a film set or perhaps have a knack for travelling around the city talking to vendors and buying supplies for a manufacturing company. There are numerous kinds of jobs out there.

Just remember that you don't have to force yourself to fit into the boxes that society has made. "Engineer", "Doctor" are all possible career options, but they are not the only ones.

So what does one do when one gets freshly out of college and has no idea what to do in life? The first thing you could do is to be aware of where you stand and what you would like to learn, because it is the unwritten truth of life that no matter what you do, you should always be learning. So pick a set of skills that you would like to learn, for example computer programming or gardening or drawing comic books. It could be anything. But just pick something you feel that you can pull off, but remember, you have to be open minded enough to accept if you are bad at that thing or you don't currently possess the resources to pursue that thing.

Keep working on your skills, keep getting better, and try to get a small part-time or perhaps full time job where you exchange your skills either for money or for experience and knowledge. If you are in your twenties, it is not recommended that you stand in front of an employer as a fresher and ask for a huge paycheck in return for your newly learned skills. That won't work. Employers want young talent who are willing to work for a low salary but have enthusiasm to learn the business and move ahead. If you keep your demands high it is very probable that someone less demanding and more driven will get the job.

You can create your own career.

Some people miss out on this part, but if you are keenly focussed on what you want to do in life, and you are willing to break all the stereotypes, it is very likely that you actually will succeed. You don't have to live according to other people's template of life, you can create your own template. You don't need to apply to a foreign university just because everyone in your peer group is doing it. You could start your own online business or even do something else entirely. Living up to other peoples expectations or trying to follow someone elses footsteps is something that is not desirable as it might end up badly for you. Every person has his own story and his own preferences. It is highly unlikely that you would end up in the same place being the different person that you are.

Just remember not to pressure yourself into doing something you don't want to. If you have money issues, you could get a part time job at a mall or a restaurant, and the rest of the day you could pursue what you want. There is no shame in having a part time job at a burger joint or an electronics store. You are earning your own bread while you try to do something worthwhile with your life and that is a very good thing.

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