8 One-Liners That Will Make You Jobless For Life

Never Ever Say These During a Job Interview

8 One-Liners That Will Make You Jobless For Life
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When called for a job interview, you must avoid saying certain words or lines mainly because you will kill your chances to get a job. Never waste the opportunity to get hired.

Whenever you are on a job hunt, getting an interview can be one of the happiest moment. Why not? You are a step closer to the plum which is the job itself. Most of the time, many job applicants intensely compete for just one job opening. Never kill your chances of getting the job by saying one of these job interview defeating lines:

1. What kind of incentives does your company offer?

During the job interview, never touch on benefits and incentives. Leave that for the negotiation phase which is after you have been offered a job or when the interviewer talks about it first.

One hiring manager revealed that many job interviewees ask about the benefits they can get from the company uppfront which would sound like very self-centered. Sound like one and you will be sure to be still jobless.

2. What's the business of your company?

Many hiring managers state that they get this kind of question almost always. When you ask that kind of question, you are just showing the hiring manager that you are not really interested in the company. Research about the company and ways you can do to help them achieve what they do.

3. My former boss was !@#$%!!!

When you sound like whining, you are promoting negative vibes and that will definitely hurt your chances to get the job. Even when you're just stating the facts, you will come across as a loser which is absolutely the type of person to avoid. Instead of whining or complaining, talk of the obstacles you ran into and tell the hiring manager what you have done to overcome those obstacles. This sounds proactive.

4. You're so handsome and hot!

Never ever comment on the physical attributes of the hiring manager even if it is a positive one. It is improper and outright irrelevant. If you want to compliment something, stay within the realm of professionalism. Example of this would be complimenting the company for being a key player in the economic development of the locality.

5. I feel tired!

Saying you are tired brings in negative atmosphere. You never want to set the atmosphere in that mood. Nobody gets hired under a negative ambiance. And the company does not really care to be frank. Avoid being negative to increase your chances of being hired.

6. I was terminated from my previous job.

Even if you were actually terminated, saying this will definitely destroy your chance to get the job. I am not saying that you should lie but there are refined ways of saying such. You can say that your boss have different beliefs from yours and that staying in the job will just make you unhappy and unproductive.Always center on things you learned from that experience and relate it to the job at hand saying that experience makes you perfect for the job.

7. Please hire me! Please...

Although that is really what you want to say, you don't want to sound desperate, cheap and out of class! Show the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit for the job by always referencing to the job description and how your work ethics and experience can fill the need.

8. I don't know.

Saying you don't know will show your apparent lack of knowledge. If you really do not know, say that you will look into it and let the interviewer know the answer before the day ends.Let's say that you asked a mathematics question which would require computation - the hiring manager actually wants to know how you think and your reply must demonstrate what must be done to come up with an answer to that question. It is intimidating but when you are asked such question, it is because the position you applied for requires that and it is assumed you somehow know what to do or say. If you have a degree in Communications, don't apply to be an engineer!

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