Disadvantages of Success

Disadvantages of Being Successful in Life

Disadvantages of Success
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Everyone wants success; but how many of us realize that it can have disadvantages too? Here are the thoughts of a young mind about the darker side of success and why it is important to bear them in mind.

Success per se has no disadvantages, but it all depends on the way we take it and others take it as well.

“Success is everyone’s child, whereas failure is an orphan.” so goes a proverb. As someone famously put across through the aforesaid proverb, if we succeed, everyone claims for their say in our success. But if we fail, everyone leaves us in the lurch remorselessly.

If we understand and accept with humility, the roles played by all those who laid rungs for our success ladder, our life becomes enjoyable. If we deny the fact that success is never a one man show and that it is always a work of synergy, our life turns out to be miserable.

Success is akin to a double-edged sword. If not played well, it can slash through our skin too.

With the attainment of success for the first time, the people’s expectations over us put up quickly. At every stage, they tend to compare our results with those of our first.

In the process of reaching their expectations, we devise new plans to stay the course and continue to be successful. It reminds us of our goals and makes us maintain our standards. Thus, excellence becomes a habit for us.

On the flipside of the coin, the expectations put up a pseudo-pressure on us. They whet our appetite for success. In the course of running behind success, we feel intimidated and we deprive ourselves of our personal life relations. In the pursuit of success, we lose our original selves.

As elders frequently say “success should be retained in the heart, don’t take it to the head”, success often puts us in a comfort zone and doesn’t let us come out of it. We tend to develop a complacent attitude and don’t find anything more to achieve. We think highly of ourselves and tend to look down others who are on lower rungs of career or profession. We unintentionally drop iron curtains around ourselves, not allowing others to approach us. Once we reach giddy heights of success, people around us may feel diminutive and shun us, and we feel lonely at the top, bagging their contempt.

We might be very successful, but only a few among us can blasé about success, put it aside, and without much ado, devise plans for their next task. They are the ones who can surmount the disadvantages of success. For them, success always remains to be a jewel in their crown.

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The saying you wrote “success should be retained in the heart, don’t take it to the head” is a good reminder that there's nothing wrong when we want to achieve success that we want in life but sometimes, we forget where we came from. That's the time when our head is too much controlling our lives, leading us to arrogance and greed. Your article is short but you have just indicated all your points. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.


An amazing thought that success can have disadvantages too! The title itself drew my attention and it was quite interesting to read through.


What an interesting article....keep it up!i have never thought that success can too have disadvantages...


Nice one..! Success, Failure nothing is permanent..its a play of "Perception"