How Do You Really Measure Success in Life?

How to measure success in life?

How Do You Really Measure Success in Life?
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There are different ways of measuring success in life. We set goals in our life to identify what success actually means to us, so that when we succeed we will know it. In the below article we will discuss about how to measure success in life.

Who does not want their life to be a success? Who does not want to live a life of success? What is life without success? We all want our life to be a real success. So, how do you really measure whether your life is a success and will continue to be a success each and every day that you live? How do you really measure success in life?

What is success in life measured by?

Many pursue the wrong things in life and actually live unhappy lives and even though they may have money, prominence, fame and power, they may even end their lives prematurely or they may make their lives miserable by the very things that they thought would make their lives a success. Obviously we need to know what to pursue and in what order of importance in order to make our lives truly successful.

Here are some important things that people pursue to achieve a successful life: money, fame, power, worldly importance, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, health, relationships.

What makes for a successful life?

Would you not say that real success is measured by the happiness a person feels in their life each and every day? Would you not agree that real success is measured by the contentment a person has within their heart and mind? Is a sense of satisfaction not good measurement of success? If one feels happy, content, and satisfied with their life then their life is truly a continuing success?

What is the most important factor when measuring success?

Most would agree that happiness, contentment, and satisfaction are the primary factors when it comes to measuring success. What would be the value of being successful and unhappy? So happiness is the primary factor when it comes to being successful.

How important is money when measuring success?

If happiness and contentment is the primary factor when measuring success then the amount of money one possesses is really a smaller factor in measuring real success. We all know that money can’t really make one happy, as countless cases of people with money have proved. It’s not that money doesn’t matter or it is totally unimportant, it is just not a top priority when it comes to real success.

There are other factors that are way more important. However, one needs enough money to enjoy his quality of life.

How important is good health when measuring success?

Good heath is another very important factor in the recipe for real success. We would have to add that a measure of good health would also be an important factor in being successful. Why is that? Well, what is the value of being successful if one ruins their health? Is a sick person happy? Can a sick person enjoy their success? So, one would never want to sacrifice their health in order to achieve success. Safeguard your health and look after yourself!

Why is a happy family life a good measure of what is real success?

A happy family life is a treasured possession of those that are really successful. One would not want to jeopardize their family life in pursuit of success. If one damaged their family life in the pursuit of success, then that might make success an empty victory. The love and friendship of close family members is a valued asset to real success.

What is the real measure of success in life that only a few find?

Read Proverbs 27:11 carefully? The real and true measure of success in life is when we make God happy and proud by the way we live. If we make him happy then we are happy beyond our wildest dreams, now and for eternity. Now that is a true measure of success. If you don’t see it, think about it. If you still don’t see it, ask God to help you see it.

Would you agree that: happiness, contentment, satisfaction, health, family, and most important, God are the priorities when it comes to measuring real success? Everything else is a bonus but not really as essential when it comes to measuring real success. May you find the true measurement of a successful life and may you life be one of eternal happiness!


Joshua 1:8
Psalms 1:1-3
Proverbs 17:22
Hebrews 13:5-6.

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I could add to this article's sarcasm quotient by mentioning something which is a fact for most of the people. They measure success by comparing with others, and in that, they would often pick up something which they think they don't have, and the other person has it in abundance. That is one of the biggest reasons for "unhappiness" in many people in my opinion. We fail to process the struggle of others. We also fail to absorb the problems they still are facing. So, if happiness is by any means a measure of success in life, stop looking at others with this intention. We should try to draw inspiration from others' life, instead of nurturing jealousy or envy.


Yes, putting God at the center of your success is true and meaningful success. Beyond that, much greater and happier success on the eternal side is the most important achievement an individual or a christian must dwell at. Thank you for sharing this inspiring article.


Thank you for your elaboration on the topic of success. Indeed many people have the fame, power, money, etc, and are still not at all happy. Happiness comes from within.