10 Interview Tips for Job Seekers

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10 Interview Tips for Job Seekers
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Do you know that there are a number of things a hiring manager keenly observes during a job interview? Find out what they are.

Recently, Human Resources Departments of different companies conducted an online survey regarding job applicants. According to the survery, roughly 33% of hiring managers pointed out that in just 90 seconds they would find out whether the applicant is the right fit for the job.

According to human resource officers, it is important that applicants make a good impression during the first few seconds of the interview. Also, there are minute details that a job applicant should always be mindful of during the interview. The applicant must become conscious of their body language because they can form part of the impression that the hiring managers are forming about them. In this write up, we will come up with methods to make a job interview a success.

1. Always remember, first impression lasts.

Approximately 65% of hiring managers express that they observe the kind of clothes a job applicant wear. Sometimes this becomes a deciding factor if there are applicants who are very similar to each other.

2. The way the job applicant handles himself before the interviewee right after he steps into the room matters. The interviewee forms his or her impression of the applicant while the latter approaches him or her.

3. The applicant's voice also matters. It should exude confidence to stir the interest of the hiring manager. The kind that will make the hiring manager want to talk to the applicant more. Hiring managers are good at testing the applicant's confidence with catchy questions.

4. The way the applicant talks is also one of the criteria. The applicant must make sure he or she has gramatically sound statements. Wrong grammars can hurt the applicant's chances of getting the job.

5. The choice of words also matter as there are words that may hurt the sensibilities of the hiring manager. They will surely take it against the applicant if the latter used some distasteful words.

6. There must eye contact throughout the interview process to establish rapport between the interviewer and the interviewee.

7. Proper posture is also an important ingredient in a successful job interview. Smiling during the interview is also recommended because it promotes positive atmosphere. A smile can go a long way.

8. Before proceeding to the job interview, the applicant must have done research about the company. This wil show that the applicant care about the company and this will give him or her an edge over the other candidates.

9. Don't forget the handshake. It must not be too lose nor too tight. The handshake signifies professionalism and connectivity. A weak handshake might take the applicant down.

10. The applicant must never cross arms or legs before the hiring manager. This gives an impression of arrogance and superiority. Remember to avoid too much hand gestures as this may be distracting.

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