Why Integrity matters in your professional Life

Importance of Integrity in Professional Life

Why Integrity matters in your professional Life
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Etymologically the word Integrity has come from the Latin adjective word, integer, meaning entire, whole or complete. Integrity means following moral convictions and doing right things in all circumstances. It plays a vital role in the tenure of one’s employment and it has a lot to do in return for it. Let’s take a look at why integrity matters in our professional lives.

Before we go any further, let’s discuss about the difference between the termshonesty and integrity. Honesty is the quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful and morally upright, while integrity is the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. It also means complete or undivided. A person can have honesty without integrity, but he or she cannot have integrity without honesty, so honesty is the basis for maintaining integrity of conduct, as integrity means having moral character and living by possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles.

It must be noted that the attainment of total organizational development is owing to the total organizational competencies and the total organizational competence is achieved if the employees serve the organization with all integrity while working effectively and efficiently. The quality of being honest involves the employees to think in the right manner and behave with integrity. It thus advocates, being loyal to the owners, being punctual to the company, adhering to the rules and regulations of the company, maintaining the timings of the company and producing the results that are expected of.

An employee who performs his duties with all his integrity is to be recognized sooner or later while being successful and reaping good results in lieu of this quality.

It is the quality that is always preferred and looked for in the employees as it can lead to the attainment of those results that are wanted or intended. It is implied that an honest employee is the leading exponent of organizational goals and objectives and he can put his earnest efforts accordingly to the total organizational competencies, effectiveness and efficiencies.

It could be that there are several factors that may encourage one to adopt unethical behavior, but the right person is he who, despite facing ethical dilemmas, assesses the situations and makes difference between what is morally good and bad in order to follow the rules and code of professional conduct. Good ethics causes to gain confidence of superiors while promoting integrity, which means to continue doing right things even when we are not being watched.

Thus, maintaining Integrity of conduct is a proven virtue to benefit you in many ways. It’s nothing but your integrity that leads to sincerity gaining trust andreliability from others; enabling you to make commitments and put the efforts withconsistency, which, all in all, will lead you to improve the level of competenceresulting in gaining respect and professional development and success.


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