Best courses after 10th for Commerce Students

Some of the best of courses to do after 10th for commerce students

Best courses after 10th for Commerce Students
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This article gives you a brief overview of the different types of courses available for commerce students. It covers the different courses available and also the job opportunities and remuneration offered by them.

In modern times, students seem to be very confused regarding the career options they have, and the ones they want to truly pursue. As for commerce students, there are plenty of options available for them to choose from after they have completed their 12th standard. However, one needs to be cautious while choosing the course. The chosen course must not only be interesting, it should also provide a good career scope and not to mention, a lucrative pay for the kinds of jobs that come with it. So, here are 12 of the best career options to choose from, after 12th for students of commerce.

  • Bachelor of Commerce


This is one of those most popular courses that a lot of students tend to pursue their . It is a general degree in which the course lasts for a period of three years.

The difficulty level is also not too high, and students can get into the school or college of their choice with ease. This course offers a wide range of subjects to choose from, which are mostly based on finance, accounting, such stuff, and may include ones like Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Law and Business Environment.


  • Bachelor of Economics


This is one other important, option for students who are looking to pursue commerce after their 12th. In this course, students tend to expose themselves to various fields related to economics, such as a whole wide range of economic concepts, analytical methods and other related fields of study. Those who are interested and good in economics can take up this course, which lasts for three years, and is best for those who want to specialize in this field. Students get to study various economic-related subjects like Agricultural Economics, Macro Economics, Indian Economics, International Economics, etc, to name a few.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration


Yet another one of those popular choices among students of commerce, the Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA as it is so called, is a course lasting for three and imparts knowledge to students about a aspect of business and its administration. This course is optimal for those who are looking to set up their own and become business tycoons.

  • Bachelor of Laws


Law is a great course option to pursue after 12th. It provides students with a scope in their future ventures. Governed by the Bar Council of India, students get to pursue a career in law, either as a lawyer or advocate. This course delves into matters related to Constitutional Laws, Property Laws, Banking Laws, etc.


  • Chartered Accountancy


Chartered Accountancy is a professional course that is administered by a professional authority, namely The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This course is highly difficult than most other courses under


  • Company Secretary


Students who are pursuing commerce in 12th and those few who are interested in Law and other related theoretical subjects have the option of becoming a Company Secretary. Just like Chartered Accountancy is also one of the professional courses, conducted by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India or the ICSI, and has many different levels, just like CA. Students who pursue this course will have a thorough knowledge the legal and functionality compliances that are related to companies.


  • Cost and Management Accountant


This is another one of those professional courses which conducted by The Institute of Cost Accountants in India. Just like those of CA and CS, this course too comes in different levels under which, students are required to study things such as Costing, Planning, Controlling and the various aspects of Management Accounting.


  • Certified Financial Planner


Students interested and adept in areas like personal finance, wealth management, mutual fund investing, etc, can as well pursue this course, governed and conducted by Financial Planning Standards Board of India.


  • Journalism and Mass Communication


Journalism and Mass Communication is also one of the good options for students who are interested in the current trends economics. This course, just like other Bachelor degree courses, lasts for three years, and one can easily pursue this course from the college of his or her choice. After the completion of the course, students can easily land a job in any of the media or publishing houses, newspapers and other related fields.


  • Hotel Management Courses


Students pursuing the commerce stream in their 12th can also opt to do courses in hotel management. The time frame for which this course lasts varies from three to five years, and students, after its completion can earn a very high amount of income in the hotel industry. The course is one of the best for all those students who are interested in the hospitality sector. This course also offers hundreds of job both in the Government and private sectors alike.


  • Bachelor of Statistics


This is one of those courses for students who are interested in Mathematics and Statistics. The course lasts for about three years, and students gain potential knowledge of areas like statistical methods, probability, permutations, etc.


  • Diploma in Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is one of the latest and best careers to pursue, especially for students of commerce. Digital Marketing is quite different from traditional forms of marketing, wherein one can sit in one place and promote their brands and products with the help of digital mediums. Considering today’s scenario, it can be regarded as one of the fastest upcoming fields in the market, with thousands of career opportunities. Statistics have shown that digital marketing managers today are making 16% more money than others, and this number is bound to increase to generate more than 20 lakh job opportunities by the year 2020.


So, to sum it up, the field of Commerce is indeed wonderful with varied opportunities. However, one needs to look at the career perspectives available before they go rushing into the commerce stream. They also need to check if they are really good at commerce and can make a career for themselves in the field, by taking aptitude tests and sessions. Nevertheless, students who find themselves adept in finance and other related fields can very well take up commerce and see the light of day.

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