Education Brings Out Inherent Qualities Of Student Life

Education Is The Foundation Of The Character

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Education, is one of the most important part of the life. In today time, when someone is not so well educated , then they face various problems like unemployment etc. But education removes all these obstacles. The education plays, vital role in the development of the soul knowledge. Making the habit of reading the books will assuredly remove those difficulties that makes one far from being educated. The moral values and ethical principles have their own value.

Education is an integral part of the student life

Education is an integral part of the student life and it is primary source to gain most of the knowledge that comes in the life of the student. Father of the India, Mahatma Gandhi stated that education is the foundation of the character in student’s life and thus it is like inherent quality that every student possesses with their wisdom and good quality.

The student life is like a learning

The student life is like a learning throughout the life ; it is guided by the established principles and moral values where education imparts both development of mind and soul. It is to be noteworthy that real education is not that gives the bookish knowledge, but the real education is one that imparts the self knowledge where the student acquires the honesty, truth and fruits of good action. In almost constitution of every country, education is compulsory for example in India, education is compulsory under article 21-A and this article explains that every child between 6 to 14 years of age should be given compulsory education.

Education system in the Indian culture

The said article is to boost the education system in the Indian culture. It is seen that there are many factors that creates obstacles to gain education, poverty, illiteracy, unemployent, poor economic infrastructure and low literacy rate are inclusive of this. The more educated students are, the more country will make development.

For the student life, the student passes through various phases and student life is filled with great creativity. Let us consider ethical issues and moral principles underlying in the education.

Education is based on moral values 

Education is always and must be based on the ethical assets and it should be given in the form where development of the individual gains positive mindset. The moral values in education includes they should learn to be human being first and then else everything follows. Education reveals basic qualities and intelligence scores.

Must build the character

In every country they have their own way of imparting education. But the legends have always supported moral education. Eminent scientist like Albert Einstein on education said that education is that what one has forgotten what one has learned in the school. He also emphasized that imagination is greater than knowledge and it is most important factor. Swami Vivekananda said that when one is making study of his subjects like formula E=MC2, then student must build up the character personified.

Every student has their own talent

Every student has their own talent and they have birth right to get the education. The greater the intellect is, the more is the chances to gain better education. But about students who are average and have not so good intellect also have the same chances to be more intelligent. Education brings out every good quality of life. For every student, education is must and they ought to receive education in any circumstances. The better performance of student is seen in school when he has used his qualities to the education. The education system is also one of the factors where education will bring tremendous change in their (student) life.

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  • iggy  14-02-2018
    A good education implies you can get good jobs and make good decisions. My sister is 31 with 9 years of college and 2 degrees, she has not been able to find a good job. She works as a substitute teacher and a steady job has eluded her. I feel that she is so use to being in class that doing a job is hard for her. An education is important but it has to be in need.
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  • monalee_faith  14-02-2018
    The word education is expressed with reference to students ..very impressively. Proper education brings out the quality of judgement and management among students. Thanks for sharing all corners.
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